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Iran ski resort

Getting to know Iran ski resort

Iran ski resort :  Skiing is one of the most attractive winter sports. The good feeling of freedom on the snow cannot be described easily. In this article, we introduce 21 Iran’s ski slopes. Knowing these tracks will give you more options to use in winter. Get along with persiatrek .

Iran's ski slopes

1. Dizin Ski Resort – the largest Iran ski resort

Dezin ski resort is the most equipped and largest Iran ski resort . This track is located on the slopes of Sichal mountain and Dizin area, which can be accessed through the Chalus road. Dizin has 23 slopes, 4 cable cars, 2 ski lifts, several ski lifts, hotels and several restaurants. The highest altitude of Dizin ski slope is 3,600 meters and its ski route is 7.5 kilometers.



Tochal mountain

Alborz Mountains Overview

The Alborz Mountains form a dense, long and narrow chain that runs through northern Iran separating the Caspian Sea from the central plateau of Iran. The higher peaks of the Alborz exceed heights of 14 to 15 thousand feet with the 15912 ft (4850 m) summit of Mt. Alam (Alam kooh) as the range’s second highest peak. The dormant volcanic cone of Mt. Damavand soars far above the rest of the mountains to an elevation of 18606 ft (5671 m) forming the country’s highest peak. The proximity of the mountains to the Caspian Sea has created a steamy lush environment on the coastal plain and the northernmost slopes. The rest of the mountains, however, are mostly bare, limiting trees to the banks of the streams at the bottom of the valleys. Grasslands, alpine tundra and permanent snow cover the higher elevations. Winter brings a heavy coat of powdery snow several feet deep creating an ideal environment for skiing.


Tochal summit


seven best spots for ski touring in Iran

Ski touring in Iran? Where we do it?

mount damavand

Thirty percent of Iran plateau is mountainous area that consist of more than one thousand 4000m peaks , in winter most of them are covered with snow then there is a high potential for ski touring in Iran . Zagros (From North-West to South-West) and Alborz (North) are two huge mountain ranges in Iran that you can find many good area for ski mountaineering.


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Iran ski resorts

The most important Iran ski resort

Skiing in Iran began in the 1930s was initially the only rich people of this sport. But now this sport has expanded in Iran and there are many ski tracks throughout Iran. There are around 19 ski resorts across the country, and the potential for ski touring is virtually limitless!

Ski resorts in Iran

Let’s start with the superlatives:

  • The Biggest :Dizin(international ski resort)
  • The Most modern : Darbandsar
  • The Oldest :Ab-e-Ali(more than60 years ago)
  • The Highest : Touchal (3800m)