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Ski touring in Iran? Where we do it?

mount damavand

Thirty percent of Iran plateau is mountainous area that consist of more than one thousand 4000m peaks , in winter most of them are covered with snow then there is a high potential for ski touring in Iran . Zagros (From North-West to South-West) and Alborz (North) are two huge mountain ranges in Iran that you can find many good area for ski mountaineering.


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Why those 7 spots?

There are many spots for skiing in Iran but here we introduce only three of highlights:

  1. Around main ski resorts in north of Tehran (central Alborz )

There are 3 big ski resort in north of Tehran : Shemshak , Dizin and Darbandsar .The main advantage of these areas :

  • Easy access from Tehran , with at most 3 hours driving from Tehran International airport you can reach them and start skiing.
  • Accommodation : you can find hotel , local house and apartment for renting easily with reasonable prices
  • Acclimatization: since average of the altitude of these ski areas are about 3000 meters then it is good idea for preparing for ski touring in Iran 4000m peaks there.

There are also nice area around these ski resorts for off-piste and wild skiing:

  • Cross the ridge to reach Dizin from Darbandsar ski resort
  • Climb the famous “Kolun-bastak”
  • Go get some virgin powder around Valengeh Rud
  1. Around Mount Damavand(In Alborz / North)

Damavand , camp1 , 3000 meters

camp1 , 3000 meters

Mount Damavand – 5,671m – acts as a magnet for most ski mountaineers . Its ascent in winter is tough due to unstable conditions, high velocity winds and low temperatures. Better to wait for spring! let’s go for ski touring in Iran.

you can see this article to know more about ski touring around mount Damavand .

From Polour, Rineh or Lasem (small cities in this area) you will easily access by car numerous ski touring routes. Bonus, after a tough day skiing, you can privatized your own SPA in Rineh!

Route suggestions:

  • Goleh Zard, starting right next to the main road connecting Polour to Tehran
  • Numerous routes around Lasem
  • Ascent of Mt Damavand
  1. Chelgerd’sarea (In Zagros / Center)

The Zagros mountain range is a well-known destination for ski touring. Foreign guides and tour operators organize ski tours each year in this area. The small city of Chelgerd, 3 hours away from Isfahan, is simply perfect to set your base camp. Its highest summit is Zard-Kuh mountain.

see our package for skiing in zagros here.

  1. Around Alam-Kuh

4850m above sea level – Here is Alam-Kuh the 2nd highest summit of Iran.
Its remote area offers great routes opportunities. The French Ski Mountaineering Excellence Group’s expedition held in March 2017, gives a very good idea of what can be achieved there!

Be cautious though – This is a high mountain and remote area. Conditions can be tough… Be prepared!

  1. North-West of Iran

Quite unknown from European skiers, Iranian Azerbaidjan has a lot to offer for skiing as well as for sightseeing – Check out those cities on internet: TabrizUrmia and Ardabil.

Sahand mountain range has some of the most magnificent landscapes of Iran and easy / safe itinaries for touring – Sahand ski resort is where you can set-up your base camp.
At the Turkish border, near the city of Urmia, numerous untouched slopes are also waiting for skiers to come – Khooshakoo resort will be your base!

  1. The magnificent area of Dena

WoW ! Nothing else to say – just amazing!

Located near the city of Shiraz, Dena’s area is located South-West of Iran. Its highest peak – 4,409m – is from far one of the most beautiful ski touring route of Iran.

  1. North-East near Mashhad

Quite unknown, mountain range West of Masshad (2nd biggest city of Iran) also have great ski touring opportunities. Its highest peak is only 3,211m, however its Northern location garanties good snow conditions all along the winter.

Your base camp in this area will be the small ski resort of Shirbad – You will find everything you need for resting and eating.