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Alamut valley

Alamut Valley Travel Guide


Alamut refers to an isolated valley lying between Siah lan on the north, and Alborz, and Qazvin mountains on the south. Etymologically, the name Alamut means “trained eagle” or, as some sources say, the eagle’s nest. Actually, there is a story behind this etymology. According to the story, once an eagle guided a Daylamite ruler to find this strategic site.

By the way, based on more concrete historical evidence, this fortress was part of the Buyid territory and one of the Daylamite kings constructed it in 860 AD.

Later in the Seljuk era, because of being seriously repressed by the government, Isma’ilis (a branch of Shia Islam) seized and rebuilt several fortresses, mainly in Tabas, Khorasan, Khuzestan, and Syria to practice their religious rituals and traditions.

Alamut Valley


Top 10 hiking trails in Iran

Top 10 hiking trails in Iran

Top 10 hiking trails in Iran

Iran’s varied geography and climate make it one of the few countries that has four seasons year round. When it’s snowing in TehranShiraz is in full bloom with spring daffodils, and further south, Châbahâr is in the middle of summer.

To get the best experience, it’s important to visit the right region in the right season. Here, we explore the best and top 10 hiking trails in Iran that not only highlight Iran’s unique geography, but also its various ethnic groups and nomadic tribes.

  1. Mount Damâvand ( The highest peak in Iran and highest volcano in Iran) Mount
Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand


Alamut region, Paradise of Natural and Cultural Tourism of Iran

Alamut region

Where is Alamut region ?
alamut region ,trekking

Fantasy image of Alamut castle in “Prince of Persia” movie

Alamut region is a very beautiful and historic region in north east of Qazvin province . it has plenty of touristic attraction ,in addition Alamut is consist of  lots of valley and high altitude mountains(above3500m) also there are many villages which are located in the border of Qazvin and Mazandaran province (South and north of Alborz mountain range) consequently it could be one of the best choices for travelers to visit in Iran

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Alamut Trekking

why you should visit Alamut

Alamut trekking tour could be one of the best choices for an adventurous and cultural touristic trip to Iran. Some of the most mysterious tourist attractions in Iran are located in the valleys of Alamut and Shahrud. The stranded peaks of the Alborz have inspirational landscapes that depict the beautiful scenery of Switzerland, Patagonia, the central regions of Australia and the highlands of Syria.

alamut trekkinf

Alamut Trekking tour , view of mount Sialan (4200m) from eastern Alamut