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About Alborz mountain range

The Alborz , also you can spell it as: Alburz, Elburz or Elborz where is a mountain range in north of Iran plateau that stretches from the border of Azerbaijan along the western and also entire southern coast of the Caspian Sea And ends with connecting to the mountains of North Khorasan.

iran map

Iran map

Alborz mountain range is also divided into Western, Central, and Eastern Alborz Mountains.

There are two main and famous valley in this mountain range : Haraz valley and Chaloos valley that divide Elburz into central , eastern and western part . all the mountains between Haraz and Chaloos valley are belong to Central Elburz  and all the mountains located in west side of Chaloos valley are western Elburz and  finally , eastern Elburz is located in east of Haraz valley.

Ski resorts

There are 5 ski resort in this mountainous area (read here more about Iran ski resorts):

  • Dizin
  • Shemshak
  • Darband Sar
  • Touchal
  • Ab-e Ali
Highest peaks
Damavand (5671m) is the Highest mountain of Central Elburz , Alam kooh is the highest mountain of Western Alborz and Shahvar(3945m) is the highest peak in Eastern Alborz.

Damavand’s southern face in June and its famous red flowers

Alam kooh (4850m) , the highest one in western Elburz

Alamkouh region view from top of Lashgarak(4260m)

The highest point of eastern Elburz in summit of Shahvar (3945m).


Shahvar , from south

Alborz is like a huge wall between Caspian sea and Iran plateau . because of humidity of Caspian sea , north of Elburz is green with Massive forests but main part of south of Elburz are not like that and some part is desert (Dash-e Kavir) . this feature make it very attractive for trekking tours , specially crossing Alborz from south to north or vice versa.

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