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Iran Currency Info

Rial is Iran’s official currency but in Iran you will see that using Toman is more common. But what is Toman? Toman is ten Rial. For example if somone quotes 25000 toman , it means 250000 Rial. Most of the Prices of goods and services written in Toman but also before you pay if you are not sure ask wheter the price is in Rial or Toman.
Because of sanctions using visa or master card in Iran is impossible , so the travellers to Iran shold bring enough cash for their requirment along the trip and preferably US dollars,Euros and UK pound is better to you bring as your cash and exchange it in banks or the private exchange offices which named “Sarrafi” in persian. and preferably exchange in Sarrafi because they do it in better rate.
You can also check the updated iranian rial rates in this website: http://www.xe.com/currency/irr-iranian-rial

The currency is the Iranian rial (IRR).
But Iranians still use the term “toman” to designate their currency. 1 toman = 10 rials.
Exchange rate (indicative price): 1 € = 39 000 IRR; 10,000 IRR = 0.29 €.
We recommend taking euro or cash, but not traveler’s checks. Tickets must be in good condition. You can change in banks and at street counters (legal and more advantageous). Bank cards can not be used to withdraw money; these can only be used to pay for souvenirs at certain stores.