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Getting to know Iran ski resort

Iran ski resort :  Skiing is one of the most attractive winter sports. The good feeling of freedom on the snow cannot be described easily. In this article, we introduce 21 Iran’s ski slopes. Knowing these tracks will give you more options to use in winter. Get along with persiatrek .

Iran's ski slopes

1. Dizin Ski Resort – the largest Iran ski resort

Dezin ski resort is the most equipped and largest Iran ski resort . This track is located on the slopes of Sichal mountain and Dizin area, which can be accessed through the Chalus road. Dizin has 23 slopes, 4 cable cars, 2 ski lifts, several ski lifts, hotels and several restaurants. The highest altitude of Dizin ski slope is 3,600 meters and its ski route is 7.5 kilometers.

2. Tochal ski resort – the highest Iran’s ski slopes


This ski slopes is located next to Touchal peak in the north of Tehran. The highest point of the track is 3850 meters and the lowest point is 3550 meters. The ski resort has 2 ski lifts and a ski lift. Also, the access route to the track starts through the cable car in Valenjak. Among the other attractions of the Touchal circuit, we can mention the hotel at an altitude of 3500 meters. Tochal track is a part of the Tochal sports complex.


3. Darbandsar ski resort – the most equipped Iran ski resort

Darbandsar Ski Resort is one of the most equipped ski resorts in Iran and it is the only ski resort that has a snow maker. This track is located in Darbandsar district near Tehran. Among the facilities of the Darbandsar track, we can mention several ski lifts, a 12-seater cable car, hammer ski lift, snow maker, pistkob, several restaurants, ski school, etc.

4. Shamshak ski resort

Shamshak ski resort is located 57 km from Tehran and on the slopes of Sargchal and Abak mountains. The maximum height of this track is about 3000 meters and the minimum is 2550 meters. Shamshak ski resort is the second largest ski resort in the country after Dizin. The facilities of this track include two ski lifts, two plate ski lifts and two hammer ski lifts.

5. Alvarez ski resort

Alvares ski resort is located 30 km from the slopes of Sabalan Mountain. In terms of size, this track ranks first among Iran’s ski tracks. Among the facilities of Alvares, we can mention a lift and a ski lift.

6. Hamadan Tarik-darreh ski resort

Tarik-darreh ski resort is located 10 km from Ganjnameh Hamedan and on the slopes of Alvand. The maximum height of this track is about 3000 meters and the minimum height is 2450 meters. This track has 3 lifts.

7. Khor Ski Resort

Khor ski resort is located in Alborz province and next to Khor village. This track has two tracks of 1850 meters and 350 meters. This track has a plate ski lift.

8. Abali ski resort – the oldest Iran ski resort

Abali is the oldest ski resort in Iran. This track is located near Abali city on Haraz road and has five tracks. This track has a cable car, five plate ski lifts and hammer ski lifts. The highest point of the Ab’ali track is 2,650 meters and the lowest point is 2,400 meters. This complex also has several restaurants and hotels.

9. Kakan Yasouj ski resort

This track is located on the slopes of Dena Mountain, 18 km from Yasouj city and near Kakan. This track is 600 meters long and 150 meters wide and has 1 lift for beginners and two lifts for skiers. It is also possible to rent skis here. Iran’s ski slopes

10. Nasar Bijar ski resort

Nasar ski resort is one of Iran’s ski resorts with special conditions, because it overlooks the city. This mountain is located on the slopes of Mount Nasar and near the city of Bijar. The length of the track is about 900 meters. Among the facilities of the Nassar track, we can mention the 1300-meter-long ski lift.

11. Kohrang ski resort (Chalgerd)

Chalgerd or Kohrang ski resort is located 85 km from Shahrekord. The length of this track is 800 meters and its slope is 20%. Kohrang track has two lifts and one training lift. Iran’s ski slopes

12. Sahand ski resort

Sahand ski resort is located 39 km southeast of Tabriz and at the foot of Sahand mountain. The length of the ski track is 1200 m

13. Fereydounshahr ski resort

Fereydoun Shahr ski resort is located 180 km west of Isfahan and 6 km from Fereydoun Shahr, and it is one of the highest ski resorts in Iran. This track is located on the slopes of Zagros mountains. The height of the base of Fereydon Shahr ski resort is 2630 meters and its highest point reaches 3000 meters. This track is equipped with a ski lift, a training track, a ski lift, a snow blower, a restaurant and a cafe . Iran’s ski slopes

14. Shirbad ski resort

Shirbad ski resort is located in Razavi Khorasan province and is near Daulat Abad village. This track is located in the slope of Shirbad at a height of 3310 meters and the height of the track is from 3000 to 3200 meters of this mountain. 900 meters long ski lift, restaurant and cafe are among the facilities of this track. i

15. Zanjan Papai ski resort

Papaei ski resort is another Iran ski resorts , located 45 km southwest of Zanjan. This ski slope is 600 meters long. Another characteristic of this track is its steep slope among other tracks in the country. The height of the highest point of the track reaches about 3000 meters. This track has two lifts, snow blower, ski school, ski lift, restaurant, cafe and parking lot.
16. Payam Marand ski resort
Payam region is located in East Azerbaijan. This area includes a village located in the central part of Marand city and the slopes of the Mishu mountain range. This track was opened in 1348 at an altitude of 1800 meters. The length of this track is 800 meters. Its facilities include an asphalt road, professional and beginner lifts, beginner ski slopes, spiral snowboards, etc.

17. Sepidan ski resort (Polad Kef)

This track is considered the second largest international track in terms of size and the first ski track in the south of the country. The facilities of this track include cable car, ski lift, snowmobile, ski school, etc. The location of the Polad Kef track at an altitude of 3400 meters makes it usable by skiers in several months of the year.

18. Shazand Ski Resort (Central Province)

Shazand ski resort or formerly Pakel is one of the attractive winter sports areas in the central province, which is located in Shazand city and in the foothills of Chalhama village. The height of the track is about 1200 meters and its width is five kilometers. The facilities of this track include three cable cars, restaurants, etc.

19. Khoshako ski resort (Urumiyah) – Iran’s ski slopes

Khoshaku ski resort is located in Urmia region and in the snowy area of ​​Rajan. This track has an area of ​​50,000 square meters and can be accessed through an asphalt road.

20. Saqez ski resort – Iran ski resort

The Saqqez ski resort is also famous as the Vazneh ski resort, and it is located in the direction of Saqqez-Baneh and in the north of the Vazneh mountain. This area is covered with snow for at least several months of the year. This track is 1200 meters long and has a ski lift.

21. Skhovid ski resort

Sakhvid ski resort in Yazd province is located in Sakhvid village of Yazd and the slopes of Shirkuh Taft and every year with the beginning of the winter season, it becomes a place for skiing and other winter entertainment for the people of this area. Of course, this area is actually mostly used for sliding and does not have a lift.