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why you should visit Alamut

Alamut trekking tour could be one of the best choices for an adventurous and cultural touristic trip to Iran. Some of the most mysterious tourist attractions in Iran are located in the valleys of Alamut and Shahrud. The stranded peaks of the Alborz have inspirational landscapes that depict the beautiful scenery of Switzerland, Patagonia, the central regions of Australia and the highlands of Syria.

alamut trekkinf

Alamut Trekking tour , view of mount Sialan (4200m) from eastern Alamut

Seeing the wonderful valleys makes it more tempting to know that the natural beauty of this area has a mysterious and ancient scent. The remains of nearly 50 castles all over the Alborz slopes. These fortresses, the stronghold of legendary myths, have been one of the most frightening religious sects of the Middle Ages. The most amazing of these castles is in the villages of Gazorkhan (castle Alamut) and Razmian (castle Lambsar).

where is Alamut

The city of Qazvin is located 150 kilometers west of Tehran and is one of the most important historical cities of Iran. By 2hours driving from Qazvin to north you will reach to Alamut area , Moalem kelayeh and Razmian are two main town in this are.

Visiting the mysterious historical castles of the Alamut area and hiking from the southern slopes of Alborz in the Alamut area to the northern slopes of the Alborz and Hyrcanian forests, crossing the pristine and less-known areas, visiting villages and staying in local homes and visiting the best of the tribes The choice is for a tourist trip in this area.

alamut trekking 1

Alamut Trekking tour , Evan lake

Alamut Trekking

Alamut Trekking tour , Alamut castle

Alamut Trekking tour

Alamut Trekking tour ,typical local house in Alamut that we sleep there

Alamut Trekking tour

Dinner with the Iranian family

Traditional catering in a rural home

Alamut Trekking

we continue our trip toward Dinehrud

Alamut shepherds

Alamut shepherds

on top of Nargess(3550m) in north of Evater

with my wife on top of one of the mountains in north of Alamut

On this trip, after visiting Alamut Castle and staying in one of the beautiful villages of the region, after 5 days of walking and passing through the Alborz mountains to the northern Hirkanian forests , we will climb the mountain peak along this path.

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