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Alamut region

Where is Alamut region ?
alamut region ,trekking

Fantasy image of Alamut castle in “Prince of Persia” movie

Alamut region is a very beautiful and historic region in north east of Qazvin province . it has plenty of touristic attraction ,in addition Alamut is consist of  lots of valley and high altitude mountains(above3500m) also there are many villages which are located in the border of Qazvin and Mazandaran province (South and north of Alborz mountain range) consequently it could be one of the best choices for travelers to visit in Iran

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Alamut history:
alamt trekking

Alamut castle

Until 11th century , Alamut was called “Roudbar but after capturing Alamut by Hassan Sabbah , (founder of  Ismili sect) the name of this region changed to Alamut  , one of the reason of the fame of Alamut is Alamut castle (The capital of the Ismaili government which founded by Hassan Sabbah.

Alamut  Dialect:

Alamut region main dialect is Tati , but some villages also speak in Kurdish and Turkish languages.

alamut region , visit

with nice familly in Evater Village in Alamut

Alamot Worldwide:

Alamut is a novel by Vladimir Bartol, first published in 1938 in Slovenian, dealing with the story of Hassan-i Sabbah and the Hashshashin, and named after their Alamut fortress.

The Alamut series , written by judith tarr , The books mainly tells the story of the elf Prince Aidan from the elf kingdom of Rhiyana

Alamut in Prince of Persia movie , The Sands of Time is a 2010 American action fantasy film directed by Mike Newell

Alamut region mountains:
Sialan (4175m):
alamut region ,sialan

A view of Sialan summit from south , you can see also it’s shelter

Sialan Peak is 4175 meters above sea level. This mountain overlooks the south to the Roodbar Alamut area of Qazvin province and north to the Dohazar valley of Tonekabon in Mazandaran. There are two shelter on the north side and  south side of this mountain. in general, it is possible to climb from three different route.

One of the most important trekking route in Alborz is trekking from Alamut(south of Alborz) to Shahsavar(north of Alborz) by passing Sialan peak.

Start point: Haniz village , Alamut (elevation: 2225m)

Finish point: Asal mahalleh , Dohezar valley , Shahsavar(elevation: 1220m)

Total trekking: 34km

Khash-e chal(3850m)

alamut mountain

Khash-e chal peak is located in north of Alamut . it’s the natural border of Alamut region and Mazandaran province . there is a small shelter at about 3000m of south ridge of this peak. Evan lake , the most important Mountainous lake in Alamut , located in south of this mountain .

There are two main route for ascending the summit of Kash-e chal:

  • Western ridge: via :Qazvin , Moalem kelayeh , Evan you can reach to base of this route
  • Northern ridge: Via : Shahsavar in Mazandaran province , Shir rud
Shah Alborz(4170m)

Shah Alborz is located in southern direction of Eastern Alamut and it’s the natural border of Alamut and Alborz Province .

The normal trekking route of this mountain starts from Hasanjoon village in Taleghan region in Alborz province . it is also possible to you ascend this summit from north side and it starts from Dinehrud village in eastern Alamut.

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