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Iran desert trekking : (Dasht-e-Kavir)(15days)

Iran Desert trekking : Heiress of the Persian Empire, between the Middle East and Asia, Iran bewitches, as much by the variety of its landscapes as by its architecture, witness of a prestigious past.

The east of the country is an immense almost uninhabited plateau with a large salt desert and another sand. A little altitude, the distant mountain ranges can be touched by the gaze.

Beauty of the natural landscapes, but also of the cultural sites: very colorful architecture, rich bazaars, monuments that recall the splendor of Persia and its great kings, and the holy cities, Isfahan, Persepolis and Shiraz, marvels of Ancient East, which come to close this trip to Iran.

The strong points of Iran desert trekking tour
  • Six days of hiking in the heart of Iran central desert
  • A trip to Iran to discover legendary cities : Kashan , Yazd , Isfahan , Persepolis , Shiraz.

Iran desert trekking tour summarized program

Day1 : Arrival Tehran
Day 2 : Tehran – Maranjab desert
Day 3 : Maranjab desert: salt lake and dunes
Day 4 / Maranjab Desert – Kashan – Zavareh – Anarak – Alam Haj Bagher
Day 5-6 : Desert of Dasht-e Kavir (mountains and canyons)
Day 7 : Mesr
Day 8 : Dunes and salt depression
Day 9 : Dasht-e Kavir – Yazd (1240 m).
Day 10-11 : Yazd – Perseopolis – Shiraz (1490 m)
Day 12 : Shiraz – Izadkhast Castle – Isfahan
Day 13 :  Isfahan
Day 14 : Isfahan – Tehran

Iran desert trekking tour detailed itinerary

Day1 : Arrival Tehran

Reception, transfer and installation at the hotel in Tehran.

Day 2 : Tehran – Maranjab desert (810m)

After breakfast, we drive to the south and after passing through the cities of Qom and Kashan and through a dirt road with a length of 40 km, we reach the Maranjab caravanserai and spend the night in Tent

Maranjab caravanserai is now used as a hotel. We stop along the way to the caravanserai and walk for about two hours on beautiful desert routes.

Transfer ( Tehran to Maranjab) : 6 hour (290 km)

Trekking approx. :  2 hours

Accommodation: El. : 810m , Tent

Day 3 : Maranjab desert : salt lake and dunes

This morning we start our walk from the caravanserai to the salt lake and by passing a part of this dry salt lake we reach islands in the northern part of this lake which are called wandering islands. After that we move towards the dunes that located on salt lake shore and our tents are set up there

Trekking approx. :  4 hours

Accommodation: El. : 810m , Tent

Day 4 : Maranjab Desert – Kashan – Anarak – Alam Haj Bagher

Have breakfast and drive to Kashan. Visit some of the sights of the historical city of Kashan, which is one of the most important cities on the edge of the Iran central desert (Dasht  e Kavir)

In the city of Kashan, we visit the Fin Garden, which is an example of ancient Persian gardens and belongs to the 17th century AD and the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid, as well as a historical house with original Iranian architectural style.

After having lunch in Kashan, we move to Anarak and from Anarak, crossing a dirt road, we enter the heart of the desert and spend the night in a beautiful oasis called Alam Haj Baqer.

Transfer : 6 hours (350 km)

Accommodation: El. : 900m , Tent

Day 5 : Desert trekking

Today we walk on desert and dunes of the region and visit an abandoned village and enjoy the peace and beautiful scenery of the desert .

Having dinner by the fire in the silence and darkness of the desert.

Trekking : 4 hours

Accommodation: El. : 900m , Tent

Day 6 : Desert trekking – Transfer to Mesr village

Today, after two nights camping in the Anarak desert and the Alam Haj Baqir area, we leave the area and drive toward village of Mesr . A light mountaineering in one of the beautiful valleys of our region is our next goal .

We climb to an altitude of 2500 meters where there is a stunning view of the rocky mountains and the amazing area. After about 4 hours of mountaineering, we continue the route to the village of Mesr and spend the night in a beautiful traditional guesthouse in Mesr.

Transfer : 4 hours (200km)

Trekking : 4 hours

Accommodation: El. : 700m , Guesthouse

Day 7 : Mesr

After breakfast, we say goodbye to our hosts in the beautiful guesthouse of Mesr and take a walk in the village and the surrounding gardens, then take a two-hour walk in the surrounding dunes and from there drive to the village of Arousan, which is a beautiful and green oasis in the heart of the central desert of Iran

We spend the night in a tent around Arousan village.

Transfer : 1 hours (40km)

Trekking : 2 hours

Accommodation: El. : 800m , Tent

Day 8 : Dunes and salt depression

The abandoned village of Arousan is located on the edge of the desert and is one of the most remote desert villages in Iran. Today we enjoy the peace and quiet of this region and spend hours hiking and hiking in the rocky mountains around it as well as the dunes and enjoy all this beauty and tranquility.

Trekking : 4 hours

Accommodation: El. : 800m , Tent

Day 9 : Dasht-e Kavir – Yazd (1240 m)

Morning transfer to Yazd (300 km) and arrival in the early afternoon. Built between two deserts, Dasht-e Kavir and Dash-e Lut, this city, one of the oldest in the world, was once the gateway to the mythical Silk Road.

Afternoon dedicated to the visit of the city: Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Tower of the Wind, ingenious system of air conditioning of the houses, tower of the Silence where one left the corpses to the vultures

Transfer : 5 hours (300km)

Accommodation: El. : 1240m Hotel

Day 10-11 : Yazd – Perseopolis – Shiraz (1490 m)

Morning transfer to Shiraz (450 km); capital of Persia under the Zand dynasty from 1750 to 1794, Shiraz is the worthy heiress of the Persian lifestyle where the finesse of the decorations of its monuments rivals the charm of its gardens.

Discovery of Persepolis, ancient capital of the Achaemenid kings Darius and Xerxes and administrative and economic center.

Visit the famous ruins – the Hall of the Hundred Columns, the Gate of Nations, the Throne Room, the magnificent bas-reliefs – one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the Middle East, testifying to the past splendor of the city .

When Darius I ordered in 521 BC the construction of this sumptuous palace to make it his capital, he is far from imagining that the place would be a milestone in the history of humanity.

Arrival in Shiraz at the end of the day and check in at the hotel for two nights. First discovery of the city in the evening, with the splendid mausoleum of Shah Cheragh and its walls covered with thousands of small mirrors.

The following day, full-day visits: the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque (or pink mosque) built at the end of the 19th century under the Kajjar dynasty, the tomb of the poet Hafez (14th century), who raised the city as a symbol of the know and poetry, the Friday mosque, the garden of Narenjestan and the bubbling bazaar of life and colors … punctual walks during visits

Transfer : 6 hours (350km)

Accommodation: El. : 1490m Hotel

Day 12 : Shiraz – Izadkhast Castle – Isfahan (1550m)

Transfer to Isfahan. On the way, visit Izadkhast Castle. Located in the province of Fars, about 135 kilometers south of Isfahan, the Izadkhast complex includes a castle, a caravanserai and a bridge from the Safavid period. The castle is particularly interesting to discover because of its different architectural styles, dating from the Sassanid period to the Kadjar dynasty. Arrival for dinner in Isfahan. Installation for two nights at the hotel. Punctual walks during visits.

Transfer : 6 hours (390km)

Accommodation: El. : 1550m Hotel

Day 13 :  Isfahan

Visit of Isfahan, capital of the Persian Empire during the Safavid dynasty of the 16th to the 18th centuries. Isfahan, trading center and strategic location of southern Iran, is at its peak during the reign of Shah Abbas

It is in this city that one finds the most important concentration of Islamic constructions of Iran. Visit of the Khaju dam bridge built in 1650 on the Zayandeh rud river or the Shahrestan bridge dating from the XI-XII centuries, the Armenian church.

We also visit the palace of Ali Qapu (17th century) gateway to a complex of palaces and gardens, the magnificent Friday mosque, built from the 10th century and a superb example of the aesthetic evolutions of Iranian art.

 The mausoleum of Bab Al Quasim dating from 1340, the Imamzaddeh Darb-e Emam, mausoleum founded in the 15th century and … the bazaar which is five kilometers long! In the evening, when the weather is mild, the Place Royale is invaded by people walking or drinking tea on the lawn. Night at the same hotel as the day before.
Punctual walks during visits.

Accommodation: El. : 1550m Hotel

Day 14 : Isfahan – Tehran(1200m)

We continue the visit of Isfahan, its mosques, its bridges-dams, its gardens, its palaces that we could not see the day before.

Transfer : 5 hours (350km)

Iran desert trekking tour services included

  • Full board (all meals are included) in Desert
  • Half board in the cities
  • All transfers & sightseeing trips in private vehicles
  • Entrance fee for sightseeing in the cities
  • Accommodations  in guest houses and  tents in Desert and 3 stars hotel in the cities
  • English speaking  trekking guide
  • English , German or French speaking cultural guide during sightseeing in the cities ( dependent on clients language)

Iran desert trekking tour required equipment :

  • Backpack (30 Liter)
  • Wind stoppers (polar jacket)
  • Light trekking pants
  • Light down jacket for night ( night is cold ib desert)
  • Warm hat
  • Light Trekking boots
  • Sleeping bag (comfort level :0)
  • Warm gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun creams
  • Headlight
  • Sticks , poles
Price : 1200$

1PAX : 1600$

2 PAX : 1200$

3-5 PAX : 1150$

6-8 PAX : 1020$

9-10 PAX : 950$

11 and more : 920$

Duration : 14 days

Valid from  : November to April

Age requirement  : +12

Physical rating : 3

Join in : Tehran

End in : Tehran

Max Altitude : 2800m


Mesr village : 1 night in Local house

Cities : 7 nights in Hotel ***

Desert Camp : 6 nights in Tent

Meals :

8 Breakfasts

9 lunches

8 dinners

Transportation : 

Private car all the road trip

4WD car in the mountainous roads

If you want something else :

Customize your own package

iran desert trekking

iran desert trekking

iran desert trekking

iran desert trekking

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