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Twelve hiking trails in Iran that must be visited

Lake Neor

One of the most beautiful hiking trails in Iran and a kind of lost paradise, is located between Guilan province and Ardabil province . This region is not really comparable to any other place in Iran in terms of natural beauty. Every corner of nature in this area will surprise you with a new attraction. One of the natural beauties of this region is called Lake Nevar. Lake Noor, located near the village of Abbasabad, is one of the best hiking trails in Iran.
You can only choose this path for walking if you are physically fit. This is a fairly mountainous hiking trail but it can not be climbed. You will climb various hills to reach your destination. Many hiking and hiking people camp here to enjoy the nature of the area.
There are generally five hiking trails in the area. The two routes start from Khalkhal and Ardibel. But the other three paths all start from Hashtpar Talesh. On your way, you will visit Subatan, Varzan waterfall, Shile Vasht, Sheblu, Honi nettle and all these beautiful and captivating areas. Above the heights of this route, you will see amazing views that are really worth seeing.

Subatan summer area

Another area on the border between Gilan and Ardabil is the Subatan summer area. In fact, Subatan is located in Talesh and is one of the natural beauties of this city. Although you can get to Subatan by car, one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Iran starts from there.
On this route you can climb mountains and conquer the surrounding mountains. The view you will see above will not be described in any words. On the other hand, you can reach Varzan waterfall by taking a relatively short walk. Varzan waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran, which is a relatively difficult reward for mountaineering and hiking.

Due to the summer nature of this area, it is better to choose spring and summer for your walk. Otherwise you may be trapped in extreme cold.

Asalem – Khalkhal road


It is usually customary to use the vehicle to cross the road from Islam to Khalkhal. But if you are a nature walker, you will seize every opportunity and enjoy it. The nature around the road from Islam to Khalkhal and the Diamond Pass is so special and spectacular that you should enjoy it at a slow speed and on foot.

Some people who are looking for trails in Iran try this trail at least once. You can drop off your vehicle near the Diamond Pass and head into nature. Some athletes continue this route to Subatan and Varzan waterfalls.

If you choose the season of April or May for this walk, you will enjoy it the most. In May, the weather is very pleasant and cool. You also see greenery wherever you look, as far as the eye can see. There is the most rainfall this month and the underground springs are boiling again.

Mountains and hills of Talesh

In general, the mountains on the border between the provinces of Zanjan, Gilan and Azerbaijan are among the best hiking trails in Iran. Tilar and Baghru mountains are among these mountains that have beautiful views for you. As you walk along this path, you will cross various plains. The plains are covered with beautiful yellow flowers in spring.

The mountain air of this area is free of any pollution and you can draw pure oxygen into your lungs. Walking these trails may be relatively difficult, but if you are physically fit, you should not deprive yourself of seeing so much beauty.

Valley of Love


Valley of Love is another natural attraction of Iran. This beautiful valley is located in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari. This beautiful valley is a combination of river, plain and valley. A combination that really gives life for walking. As a result, it can be said that the Valley of Love is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Iran.

This hiking trail, unlike mountain trails, does not require mountaineering and such skills. The love valley trail passes only through the green plains. For this reason, even if you are not very physically fit, you can enjoy the scenery while walking.

Kalut Shahdad

Lut desert

Iran’s hiking trails are not going to be limited to green areas. If you love walking, you will definitely prefer to experience different sights. One of the most valuable experiences is walking in desert areas. In Karam province, you will encounter beautiful sand dunes called Kalut Shahdad.

One of the most beautiful desert areas in Iran is Kalut Shahdad. The scenery you will see here is very unique. The scenery you will see there will be very different from the mountain and plain scenery. The experience of walking in the desert is a very unique experience that hiking lovers will definitely not miss.

It is very unfortunate that Kalut Shahdad is very popular among foreign tourists, but we Iranians may not be aware of it. It is better to walk in groups to walk in Kalut Shahdad. Also near sunset and sunrise, this area is excellent. One of the most spectacular sights here is the sunrise and sunset. So do not miss it at all.

Mesr desert

When you hear the name of this desert, you may think that it is located in Egypt. But it is not! The Egyptian desert is located inside Isfahan province and is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Iran. As we have mentioned, Iran’s hiking trails are not limited to mountains and forests. Walking in the desert is one of the advantages of having four seasons in this country.

You can enjoy the sunshine on this clean soil in the heart of the desert and the sand dunes. One of the most interesting pastimes in the Egyptian desert is camel riding. In addition, you can go to the heart of the desert and enjoy it on foot. The desert air may be hot and humid, but if you choose winter, it will definitely be a little more tolerable. Do not leave without experiencing night camping and sleeping under the starry sky.

Mount. Sabalan

mount Sabalan lake

mount Sabalan lake

Certainly, every Iranian is familiar with the name of Sabalan Mountain. This mountain, which is a volcano, is 4811 meters high. If you have mountaineering skills, this area will be one of the best hiking trails in Iran. It may be a little difficult to climb the castle and climb this mountain. But eventually it takes you to lush plains and springs.

The view you will see on the top of Sabalan Mountain is indescribable. The pleasant mountain air and scenic scenery have created an indescribable combination. Some people who are looking for hiking trails continue to Sabalan Mountain towards Sarein village. This path may be a little difficult and exhausting, but it is definitely so beautiful that you forget all your pain.

Mount. Damavand


How beautiful the king of spring poets has written in the description of Damavand. O white demon in prison, O dome of the universe, O Damavand. Damavand is one of the international attractions of Iran. Where with a height of 5671 meters, it has earned the title of the roof of Iran. Damavand can be considered one of the best walking routes in Iran. A place where even if you are not a professional mountaineer, you can enjoy it to the fullest.

All you have to do is pick up your backpack and hiking boots and head out into nature. Unlike desert hiking trails, it is better to choose summer season to walk this trail. If your physical endurance is high, you can enjoy this mountain to a great extent without the need for rock climbing skills and equipment. But even if you are not able to do so, you can enter the plains of Damavand from Haraz Road to Lar Dam. Walking in the surrounding plains is not without grace and will definitely create a beautiful memory for you.

Kerman Mountains

If you are going for a walk, Kerman will definitely be a very ideal area for you. In addition to having desert hiking trails, you can go to the heart of the plains and mountains of Kerman. Among the mountains of Kerman, “Hezar Kooh” should be mentioned. A mountain whose peak is considered to be the fifth highest peak in Iran.

One of the most popular hiking trails in Iran is Lalehzar Mountain. This mountain is about 4351 meters high and you will need equipment and mountaineering skills to climb it. But if you do not have that physical strength, you can continue the path of the plains and foothills until the beginning of the mountainous areas.

Dukhaleh Mountain Talesh summer area

Dukhaleh Mountain Talesh summer area is the name of a beautiful area in the heart of Talesh nature. Talesh has a unique nature and it can be considered the flower of nature of Gilan province. If you do not have the ability to walk in mountainous areas and at the same time you love the mountainous climate, the two-aisled summer area of ​​Talesh Mountain can meet your needs.

On the other hand, some people may like to walk in nature, but they prefer not to travel to deserted areas. If you are one of these people, you should know that the two-aisled summer area of ​​Talesh Mountain is not uninhabited. The villagers and natives of the area still live in this place. So walk safely in the heart of nature in this area and do not worry about such issues.

Lalan village

As you know, Tehran is located at the foot of the mountain. The further north you go in Tehran, the cooler and more mountainous the weather will be. If we continue our route to the north of Tehran, it will reach Oshan and Fasham areas. You have to continue this route until you reach the last village that did not reach the mountain.

This green and beautiful village is called Lalan. In this region, beautiful desert tulips grow in spring, which is unique to this region. The name Lalan is also due to the same flowers of the desert tulip. If you are a little bit athletic, you can step on the mountains of this area and enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the peaks.

Every spring, the locals of this village look for local vegetables and mushrooms in the heart of these mountains. In the middle of your walk, you may encounter locals many times. The people of this village are very warm and hospitable. If you plan to go hiking and hiking daily, you can visit Reiki Chal or Varza. But if you are a professional mountaineer, it is better to go to bitter water. The locals camp in this area and enjoy the pristine nature. Do not forget that the best season for hiking in this area is spring and autumn and winter are very difficult. Certainly, Lalan can be considered one of the best walking routes in Iran.

Well, dear traveler, how much do you like to walk in nature? How much do you like this fun? Do you think a specific path in this list has been missed? Be sure to let us know about your experiences of hiking in nature in Iran. Do not forget that we love to hear your opinions and experiences.