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Alborz trekking

Lar to Baladeh , Alborz trekking tour

Crossing Alborz tour : Alborz is a mountain range in northern Iran that stretches from the border of Azerbaijan along the western and entire southern coast of the Caspian Sea and finally runs northeast and merges into the smaller Aladagh Mountains and borders in the northeast on the parallel mountain ridge Kopet Dag in the northern parts of Khorasan. All these mountains are part of the much larger Alpide belt. (wikipedia)

Alborz trekking tour

In this 6-day tracking, you will pass through one of the most pristine and attractive parts of Alborz Mountain. You start from a village in the north of Tehran and enter Lar National Park and from there you enter the western and northern slopes of Damavand. You will walk for a few days next to this magnificent volcanic mountain and from there you will continue your movement in the northern Alborz and finish your journey in the historical city of Baladeh in the heart of the northern Alborz.

Lar to Baladeh , Alborz trekking summarized program

Day 1: Transfer from Tehran to Lar and start trekking

Day 2: Trekking to Divasyab spring(2800m)

Day 3: trekking to Chaman Bon plain(3000m)

Day 4: trekking to Nandal village(2400m)

Day 5: trekking from Nandal(2400m) to Namarestaq village(2200m)

Day 6: Hiking to Galin Pass(3200m) and descending to Baladeh valley

Lar to Baladeh , Alborz trekking detailed itinerary

Day 1: Transfer from Tehran to Lar and start trekking

This morning our representative will meet with you at your place of residence. Then you will be transported by car to Garmabdar village(2400m) in the northeast of Tehran. Then we start trekking towards Khatoon Bargah pass(3100m), from where we will enter Lar National Park.
Passing Khatoon Bargah pass, we can see and photograph the peaks of Ashtar and Khersang up close, and then we flow into the gorge of Yunza. We reach the beginning of the plain and we have to cross the river full of water, which has spread to the bottom of the plain.
We cross the river and continue our movement in the depths of “Lar National Park”, point by point this trail is so beautiful that it invites us to take photos. In one of the dream areas of the plain, where we are immersed in wild and colorful flowers, we will stop and have lunch.
Continuing to walk in such a protected area, which is still untouched and safe from environmental destruction, creates a pure sense of oneness with nature in the heart of each of us, in such an atmosphere we continue on our way to Arriving at the camp site in “Kamardasht”, from now on it is free time to enjoy tea and Nescafe in the pleasant evening air and relax until dinner time, enjoy today’s productive activity with a deep sleep in the clean air and We end with the whistle of Lar National Park..

Transfer : 1.5 hour (35 km)

Trekking ↑ approx. : 700m , 3 hours

Trekking ↓ approx. : 500m , 4 hours

Accommodation: El. : 2600m , Tent

Day 2: Trekking to Divasyab spring(2800m)

We wake up with the song of the birds of the national park to start another day of the trip, have a hearty breakfast in the pleasant plain air and walk to the springs of “Divasyab”, this program is this morning to noon due to the vegetation And the animals of the area will double the charm of this walk.
Vegetation of the area includes: mint, wild garlic, angelica, mountain tea, cockatiel, barijeh, borage, shallot, mushrooms and so on. The animal cover of the area includes: Golden Eagle, Sargpe, Dari partridge, Dalijah and all kinds of colored sparrows. After walking in such an atmosphere, we stop for lunch and necessary rest.
In the afternoon, we will walk through the beautiful plain of “Vararo”. Reaching the pleasant environment of the camp, we relax until dinner and overnight

Trekking ↑ approx. : 200m , about 6 hours

Accommodation: El. : 2800m , Tent

Day 3: trekking to Chaman Bon plain(3000m)

This morning, we will have a varied breakfast and start an active day again. In today’s walk, we will first cross the Sardagh plain and then the hot plain. The stretched peaks show the greatness of this white demon, we cross the beginning of the hot ridge and touch the highest altitude of this journey (3700 meters above sea level), stopping at such an altitude to photograph the spectacular views of the region. And it makes great sense to have lunch and a short break.
Now, with a two-hour mountaineering, we lower the altitude to reach the beautiful plain of Chaman Bon(3000m), an area overlooking the beautiful Nandel plain where our camp is located. Now we have enough time to rest and relax, in this cool mountain weather we enjoy drinking borage and candy and other teas.
We spend the night at the foot of Damavand Mountain.

Trekking ↑ approx. : 900m , 5 hours

Trekking ↓ approx. : 700m , 2 hours

Accommodation: El. : 3000m ,  Tent

Day 4: trekking to Nandal village(2400m)

We will enjoy a hearty breakfast and get ready to move, from now on we will walk in the vast Nandel plain on the northern slopes of Damavand Mountain and enjoy the view of the large glaciers on the northern front of Damavand. At the end of the walk today, we reach Nadel village, which is the starting point for climbing the northern and northeastern routes of Damavand Peak. We spend the night in a beautiful local house in Nandel.

Trekking ↓ approx. : 600m , 4 hours

Accommodation: El. : 2400m ,  Local house

Day 5: trekking from Nandal(2400m) to Namarestaq village(2200m)

We have breakfast, which is a natural product of the village. we will be transferred by 4WD cars to 2800m height then we start a fascinating walk to reach the Zardesar Pass (3300 meters) and have a rest.
From now on, our walk will be in higher plains, so we will have wider and more views ahead, we will pass the slopes of Zardesar peak and feel the peace of walking the pristine routes away from any settlement. Along this route, beautiful peaks such as Chapkro, Dokhavaroon and Nazer can be seen, little by little we reach the beautiful waterfall of Drauk.
Continuing the walk, we enter the dream plain of Drauk, where rivers and streams flow in different places and has given a paradise effect to the region.
From now on, we have a relatively short walk to reach the village of Namarstaq. We will spend the night in a local house in the village of Namarestaq.

Transfer : 30 min (10 km)

Trekking  ↑  approx. : 500m , 2 hours

Trekking  ↓ approx. : 1100m , about 4 hours

Accommodation : El. : 2200m , Local house

Day 6: Hiking to Galin Pass(3200m) and descending to Baladeh valley

This morning we start our march from the village of Namarstaq and move towards Glin Pass. Passing this pass, which has a beautiful view of the 4000-meter Alborz Mountains, we descend to Baladeh Valley and walk in a long valley to We reach Baladeh road, here cars are waiting for us to take us to Baladeh village, which is in the heart of Rasht, Alborz mountain then we will be transferred by car to Tehran

Trekking  ↑  approx. : 800m , 4 hours

Trekking ↓ approx. :1700m ,  4 hours

Transfer : 4 hours (150 km)


Lar to Baladeh , Alborz trekking services included

  • Full board (all meals are included)
  • All transfers & sightseeing trips in private vehicles
  • Lar national park permit fee
  • Accommodations  in simple guest house in villages, tent in the mountain
  • Luggage transport by mules / 4WD cars
  • English speaking mountain and trekking guide

Lar to Baladeh , Alborz trekking required equipment

  • Backpack (30 to 40 Liter)
  • Wind stoppers (polar jacket)
  • Warm trekking pants
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Warm hat
  • Regular Trekking boots
  • Sleeping bag (comfort level :+5)
  • Light gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun creams
  • Headlight
  • Sticks , poles
Price : 580$
1PAX : 890$

2 PAX : 700$

3-5 PAX : 580$

6-8 PAX : 550$

9-10 PAX : 520$

11 and more : 490$

Duration : 6 days

Valid from  : May to June

Age requirement  : +16

Physical rating : 3

Join in : Tehran

End in : Tehran

Max Altitude : 3700 m


Villages : 2 nights in Local house

Mountain : 3 nights in Tent

Meals :

5 Breakfasts

6 lunches

5 dinners

Transportation : 

Private car all the road trip

4WD car in the mountainous roads

If you want something else :

Customize your own package

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