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Alamut Trekking tour

Alamut Trekking tour


Alamut trekking tour is a real slide show on Iran. Start from Alamout , an important and historic region in the south of Alborz range after 6 days trekking in one of the most remote area in Alborz and ascending Alamouh(4850m), the second highest mountain of Iran finished in north of Alborz by visiting Caspian Sea.

Alamut trekking tour takes place in the Alborz mountainous regions, through isolated villages, valleys covered with pastures dominated by summits of more than 4000 meters, and alpine pastures inhabited by shepherds and their sheep.

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Alamut Trekking tour summarized program

Day1 : Transfer from Tehran to Ghazvin,Alamout valley, visit Alamout castle -, Garmaroud

Day 2: Trekking from Garmaroud to Dinehrood(2271m)

Day 3: Trekking from Dinehrood to Evater(2600m)

Day 4: Trekking from Evater to Abegarm(2650)

Day 5: Trekking from Abegarm to Hesarchal(3760m)

Day 6: Ascending mount Alamkouh(4850m) Descend to Tang-e Galoo(3400m) drive to Vandarbon(2300m)

Day 7: Drive to Chaloos , Visit Caspian Sea ,dive back to Tehran


Alamut Trekking tour Detailed Itinerary


Day1 : Transfer from Tehran (1200m)  to Ghazvin,Alamout valley, visit Alamout castle -, Garmaroud (1800m)

We start our trip by driving to Qazvin and then Alamout region in north , then we visit Alamout Casstle ,one of the most important castle with strange history , then we visit Evan Lake , with a magical view of Alam Kuh mountans and then we drive to Garmaroud village , one of the most remoute village of Alamout

Transfer ( Tehran to Garmaroud ): 5 hours (240km)

Accommodation: El. : 1800m ,  Local house

Day 2: Trekking from Garmaroud to Dinehrood(2271m)

We start our trekking in the morning to Dinehrood , a nice village surrounded by high mountains , inhabitant in a local house and having experience of meeting nice and friendly people , silence and eating Iranian local food is unforgatable

Trekking ↑ approx. : 471m , 5 hours

Accommodation: El. : 2271 m ,  Local house

Day 3: Trekking from Dinehrood to Evater(2600m)

Our next destination is the most remout village in Alamout with no access road , in addition to nice view of Alborz mountains along the trekking you will have a special experience of inhabitant in a silent and remout village with warm and friendly people•

Trekking ↑ approx. : 329 m , 4 hours

Accommodation: El. : 2600 m ,  Local house

Day 4: Trekking from Evater to Abegarm(2650)

In this day we start first main step to cross Alborz mountain range and we have longest trekking , our destination is Ab-e garm in Dohezar valley . Ab-e garm is a persian means hot spring , we sleep one night in tent next to the hot spring and we can take a bath in this natural healthy hot spring.

Trekking ↑↓ approx. : 750 m , 6 hours

Accommodation: El. : 2650 m ,  Tent

Day 5: Trekking from Ab-e-garm to Hesarchal(3770m)

Today we complete passing the Alborz , we start our trekking from Ab-e garm along the Dohezr valley to reach the Lashagarak Summit(4250m) then we will see first view of Hesarchal and lots of 4000m mountain around it and our last goal: Alamkouh 4850m , second highest mountain of Iran. We sleep in tent in Hesarchal at about3750m

Trekking ↑ approx. : 1550 m , 7 hours

Trekking ↓ approx. : 500 m , 1 hour

Accommodation: El. : 3770 m ,  Tent

Day 6: Ascending mount Alamkouh(4850m) Descend to Tang-e Galoo (3400m) drive to Vandarbon(2300m)

We start our trekking early in the morning to north , after crossing Marjikash we countinue on a ridge to reach the summit of Alamkouh , on the summit we have a amazing view of Alborz mountain range and in clear weather we can Se also Damavand, Highest mountain of Iran , In this day we descend to Tang-e Galou (3400m) and from there we drive by 4wd car to Vandarbon village 2350m and sleep in a Hut.

Trekking ↑ approx. : 1080 m , 4 hours

Trekking ↓ approx. : 1450 m , 4 hour

Accommodation: El. : 2300 m , Refuge

Day 7: Drive to Chalus , Visit Caspian Sea ,dive back to Tehran

In the morning we start driving toward Kelardasht , then we continueon Abbasabad road, then we visit Valasht lake then continue to Chalus and after visiting Caspian sea we return to Tehran

Transfer ( Vandarbon to Chalus to Tehran ): 6 hours (220km)

Accommodation: El. : 1200m ,  Hotel

Alamut trekking tour services included

  • Full board (all meals are included)
  • All transfers & sightseeing trips in private vehicles
  • entrance fee  to visit Alamut Casstle
  • Accommodations  in simple guest houses, tents and Equipped Refuge in Vandarbon
  • Luggage transport by mules
  • English speaking mountain and trekking guide

Alamut trekking tour required equipment

  • Base layers
  • Backpack (30 to 40 Liter)
  • Wind stoppers (polar jacket)
  • Warm trekking pants
  • Light down jacket
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Warm hat
  • Waterproof Trekking boots
  • Sleeping bag (comfort level :+5)
  • Warm gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun creams
  • Headlight
  • Sticks , poles
  • Mattress
Price : 500$

1PAX : 900$

2 PAX : 725$

3-5 PAX : 560$

6-8 PAX : 480$

9-10 PAX : 460$

11 and more : 420$

Duration : 7 days

Valid from  : June to September

Age requirement  : +16

Physical rating : 4

Join in : Tehran

End in : Tehran

Max Altitude : 4850m


Villages : 3 nights in Local house

Mountain : 2 nights in Tent

Vandarbon : 1 night in Hut

Meals :

6 Breakfasts

7 lunches

6 dinners

Transportation : 

Private car all the road trip

4WD car in the mountainous roads

If you want something else :

Customize your own package

Alamut Trekking tour

Alamut Trekking tour

Alamut Trekking tour

Alamut Trekking tour

Alamut Trekking tour

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