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Lar National Park; Amazing plain near Damavand mountain

Lar National Park and its beautiful anemones are located in Mazandaran province in the north of the Iranian plateau. This plain has been declared a national park since 1975. It has been considered a protected area since 1982. Lar National Park extends to the western and northwestern slopes of Damavand Mountain. A place not far from Tehran.


Where is Lar plain?

Lar plain is on the border of Tehran and Mazandaran provinces.

What is the best time to visit Lar plain?

April to June is the best time to visit the Lar plain

What is the best outdoor activities to do in Lar plain?

Fishing, boating, hiking, cycling . It is also a good place for camping and meeting nomads and horse riding.

What is the average height of Lar plain?

Average height of Lar plain is around 2400 meters

Is it possible to stay in Lar plain?

To stay in Lar plain, you can set up camps and tents in coordination with the local environment, or spend the night in nomadic tents.

Where is Lar plain?

This plain is located on the border of Tehran and Mazandaran provinces and starts from the northeast of Tehran and continues to the western and northwestern slopes of Damavand Mountain.
In terms of country divisions, the northern and northeastern part of Lar plain is located in Larijan section of Amol city in Mazandaran province and its southern and southwestern part is located in Lavasanat of Shemiran city in Tehran province.

Lar plain leads from the north to the mountains of Noor city of Mazandaran, from the east and northeast to Damavand mountain, from the southeast to Damavand city and Pleur Mazandaran, from the south to Afjeh, Imameh, Lavasan Bozorg and from the west to Khatun Bargah and Garmabdar.

Lar plain access route

Lar plain national park

Route 1:

You can go to this plain through Lavasan Bozorg area or Ira pass. This route starts from Ira village and continues to Qoshkhaneh environmental checkpoint, which is located at the southern entrance of Lar National Park. To reach the village of Ira, you have to leave Lavasan and cross the Jahan and Niknam Deh pass. You can also get to Ira from the big village by crossing the Latian Dam and passing through Rasan and Chaharbagh via Jajrud.

Route 2:

This route starts from Abali road, inside the city of Plour, and continues from the Plour intersection to the entrance of the Delichai environmental checkpoint, which is located at the eastern entrance of Lar National Park. This route has an asphalt road to the entrance of the national park and you can easily go on it.
Third route: This route starts from Garmabdar village of Shemiranat city near Fasham and through it you will reach the west of Lar National Park. This method is mostly used by native herdsmen and nomads. To cross this route, you must obtain a permit from Garmabdar hunting station.

Lar plain highlights to visit

Anemone flowers of Lar plain

Lar national park

Lar plain is known as wild anemone plain because of its anemone flowers
One of the sights of Lar plain that has made it famous; The enchanting flowers of the anemone are red. In the spring, this plain is covered with red anemones, and it is as if Lar is wearing a soft, thin silk of anemones.

For this reason, this lush and clear plain is known as the Wild Anemone Plain. So if you want to see Lar immersed in beauty, travel to this dreamy and charming place in spring.

Mountains of Lar plain

Lar national park

In Lar plain, numerous mountains and heights show off and protect it as a guard. This peak is a good opportunity for mountaineers and mountaineering enthusiasts.

The demon of the mill, the ice of the waist, the yellow flower, the leaf, the crimson, the waist, the salt of the kosher, the dungeon, the arrow, the horse, the infidel and the blue of the mountains make up this spectacular plain. In the south of this plain, Mehrchal peaks, fire temple, Rizan, Siahchal and Maz and in the northeastern front, cool and happy mountains can be seen.

Divasyab lake

Alborz trekking

In the northern heights of this plain, you will see circular lakes with a diameter of 20 meters and a depth of two meters. A lake with turquoise water that shines like a jewel in the middle of a vast land full of colorful flowers.

The thing that makes this lake different is its water, which boils beautifully from the depths of the earth and obliterates any viewer. There are two small and large reservoirs in the middle of the lake that supply water to the mill demon. Hence, this lake is also known as the source of demons.

Lar plain rivers

Lar national park

From the heart of the mountains of Lar plain, rivers with clear and refreshing water flow in Lar and irrigate and irrigate this plain. Lar, Div Asyab, Sefid Ab, Vararood, Alram, Chehel Bareh, Imam Panhak water and Ab Siahchal are the rivers of this intensity. Lar River is the most famous of these rivers on which the Lar Dam has been built.

White Waterfall

Sefid Ab waterfall is one of the current waterfalls of Lar plain, which is also known as Swan waterfall. This spectacular waterfall is located at the end of Sefid Ab valley. This valley is also a wintering place for ranchers and nomads.

Lar Lake and Dam

Lar national park

Lar Lake and Dam are one of the sights of the vast plain of Lar. Of course, this dam is not part of Lar National Park and is one of the sights of Mazandaran province. Lar Dam was established in 1982, which transfers part of the water of the Lar River to Tehran for drinking and agricultural purposes, and the rest joins the Haraz River in the Pleur region. The dam’s water is also used to generate electricity.

Many travelers and tourists spend their holidays next to the beautiful nature of Lar plain and its dam lake and have fun and excursions. Fishing, boating, hiking and cycling are some of the fun activities you can do on the lake.

It is interesting to know that the first fishing competition after the Islamic Revolution was held in Lar Dam Lake in 1379, and such competitions have been held every year since 1373. The authorized fishing season in Lar Lake starts on June 1 and continues until September. Those interested in this recreation must obtain a special daily fishing license from the environmental units of Qoshkhaneh, Plour and Delichai.

Nomads of Lar plain

Lar national park

Nomads also live in the Lar plain, and you can spend hours with these kind and hospitable people and get to know the nomads’ way of life. The nomads of this plain are from Varamin and Pishva cities of Tehran province and Lar plain is their summer summer region.