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Mount Sabalan ( 4811m)


Sabalan (4811 m.) [Sabalân/Sāvālān] is an inactive volcano in NorthWest of Iran. It rises in starting zone of Alborz mountains as the 3rd highest summit of Iran.

mount Sabalan lake

mount Sabalan lake

An small lake is placed at the top, which is created in the volcano hole. The lake frizes 9 or 10 months a year.

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The mount, the extinct crater, and the lake can be ascended usually from the northern and southern tracks. When on top, you can see a panorama of the beautiful region for more than a hundred kilometers all around you.
The lake occupies an area of 100 by 50 meters, and is 15 meters deep. Since it is covered with ice from mid-September through early June the next year, mountain climbers use it for skating
Many people climb it every year , the routine path is easy but there are also hard routs and glacial valleys.

sabalan eagle statue

sabalan eagle statue, the famous symbol of Sabalan

Eagle statue: The most beautiful creature among these is an eagle statue seeming to maintain control over the Sabalan slope and valley from atop.
The mount represents a myriad of attractions in various seasons of the year, to the extent that upon reaching the peak, one feels having arrived in a land of dreams. Many hot mineral spas and cold water springs originate from its slopes and attract millions of tourist to the region every year. The hot water is said to have effective healing properties.

mount sabalan

mount sabalan

Getting There and Climbing

Reaching to Ardabil is possible by airplane or by bus from Tehran. Then you have to go to Meshkin shahr. Before Meshkin shahr, in a place with name: “Lahrud” or “Laree” you must turn to left and go to south until Southern face of Sabalaan.

There are two famous hot springs, firs “Ghotursoui” and second: “Shabil” which is nearer to Sabalan. There is a gravel road from Shabil to shelter of Sabalaan. Only heavy vehicles can pass this road. From shelter you can climb the slope of summit in south direction, from the left side of southern galcier.


No problem to camping. Around the south face shelter or west saddle shelter is better. Also it is possible to camping in hot springs such as “Ghotursoui” or “Shabil”.
Tent and sleeping bag and warm clothes are necessary for camping.

MAP1 and MAP2 are including completed details about shelters.


eastern shelter of Sabalan

Click to see western shelter.

When To Climb

From June to September is the best. The other mounthes you need winter clothes and perfect equipments.
Taking tent is better even at summer, beacaus the shelters are full of poeple mostly.

Red Tape

No permit and payment is required (now is 2019).
Hunting is forbidden.
During the summer eastern shelter usually is crowded.


1- Be careful of bear attack around the shelter at night!

2- Be careful of sheepper’s dogs attak on the path to the shelter!

3- Be careful of the west deep valley while you are on the return path from the top! Get right edging to get rid of losting true path. Left hand there is that rounding deep valley! Return path is exactly toward a mountain in front of you.