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Taftan -3941m


Taftan and heights around it, are known as heights of Khash area located at Iran’s Sistan and Beluchistan province. The province of Sistan and Baluchistan is located in the south-eastern part of the Iran and has an area of 181, 578 sq.km. Though it is the third largest province of the country, it is sparsely populated.

Taftan route

Khash heights Height(m)
Taftan (Chehel Tan) Ziarat/ Madar Kooh/ Sobh Kooh/ Lor Kooh 4050m
Tericky 4000m
Nar kooh 3950m
Sobah 3500m
Reck ?
Jangja ?

“Taftan” means hot and molten, something that has got hot under the the sun or on the fire, well this is not a strange name for this semi-active volcano.
From viewpoint of geology in quaternary, there have been the volcanoes in Iran which their peaks are constitute important heights today. Presently, some of those volcanoes are in sulfur producing stage and so steam and sulfuric gases come out of their craters. Mount Taftan is one of these volcanoes located in southeast of Iran 380 km. north of the Oman Sea, so far from Tehran.

 volcanic summit is known as Chehel Tan this summit has two main branches, the northern one and the highest is called Ziarat, whereas the southern one is known as Madar Kooh. From the northeastern direction this peak is known as Sobh Kooh and in the west is called Lor Kooh. I feel this name system is wired and a little bit complex, so we call the summit only as Taftan.

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The first climb was done in 1893.

Existence of Khash heights including Taftan peak causes pleasant climate of Khash and nearby areas, higher altitude of Khash area helps to gain more downpour in comparison to other parts of the province and to be much more vegetated and less arid.
There are several spas mineral waters around the Khash mountains, some of them which are located in northwest of mount Taftan are named Jamchin, Amani, Barab and Barabak.

Standing on it gives you a view of distances plane desert !

These features turn it into one of the most interesting natural attractions of the province which attracts many of the travelers, specially mountain climbers every year.

Access to it appears to be straightforward, as a number of roads run high up on the flanks of the massif, including one which crosses northwest of the central cone reaching as high as 9000 ft (2700 m).

Geologic History

Taftan is the tallest of several volcanoes in southeastern Iran, a group of moderately-large stratovolcanoes which stretches into neighboring Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Taftan is located 99 km SSE of Zahedan and 45 km NNW of KhashBeluchistanTaftan is a complexly eroded stratovolcano with two prominent summits. The volcano was constructed along a volcanic zone in Beluchistan, SE Iran, that extends into northern Pakistan. The higher SE summit cone is well preserved and has been the source of very fresh-looking lava flows. Highly active, sulfur-encrusted fumaroles occur at the summit. The deeply dissected NW cone is of Pleistocene age.

Taftan , an active Volcano

Volcanic status of Taftan is active, fumarolic

Last Reported Eruptions :
An eruption that sent a lava flow about 60 m down slope was reported on April 25, 1993 Also exiting flow of lava has been reported from Taftan at 1970 and 1971.

The big nozzle on top produces lots of gases that some of them are serious like sulfur. You can hear the explosion sound from this nozzle, the acidic  gases may destroy the cotton wearings.

Narkouh (3950m) summit

Few people climb this summit but climbing it is usually included in a Taftan attempt program, there is a windy east-west ridge line between Taftan and Narkouh which includes parts of the north route to Taftan. You can take nice photos of Taftan from Narkouh, there are some big rocky cliffs on the south face under the summit but the summit profile is plane, soft and soil.


Taftan topo


Getting Taftan

  • Travel to Zahedan(center of Sistan and Balouchestan province)  by car or plane.
    Zahedan is one of the most far cities from capital Tehran [1605km on road Tehran- Yazd- Kerman- Zahedan] or [909m flying]. And 1001km far from Mash-had.
  • Go to Khash city via Zahedan-Khash road (190km), there is an airport in Khash too but I don’t know if…
  • Enter the dirt road that reaches Tamandan and Kooshe villages (south to summit) the long road goes toward north (90km).
  • When you reach Kooshe, you will see the cliff named Pir-bi-back at the north of the small village, reach the cliff and go to the back side of it, climb zigzag toward north until you reach Sobah shelter(3350m),
  • The route to Taftan: climb in north position, reach the north pass located on the Narkooh-Taftan ridgeline, Narkouh(3950m) is obvious at the left side, so continue right toward Taftan summit


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Red Tape

To enter the Taftan mountain protected area you should grab a permission at Sistan and Balouchestan sports department (“Edare koll-e tarbiat-e-badani“) in Zahedan.
You need to show this kind of permissions to the booth which protect the area. (To protect the nature some pure mountain areas need this kind of permissions in Iran)

To use the shelters you must pay about 1$ to the Sistan and Balouchestan sports department (“Edare koll-e tarbiat-e-badani“) in Zahedan and grab a permission.

No fees of permission is required for camping

When To Climb

Best : March and April

Possible but cold and windy : December , January , February

Dry and hot : May to November


Taftan sobh shelter

Sobh shelter

  • Sobah shelter(3350m) is a large and well equipped shelter, south-west to summit, south to Narkouh(3950m) and north west to Sobah(3500m).
  • There is no problem for camping on the mountain anyway.

Mountain Conditions

Summer : Pure sunlight.

Winter : The winter conditions are not as serious as Alborz and Zagros ranges but the struggle wind and ice can make it a hard climb.

Sulphuric acid : The acid steam rising up from the crater is toxic and burns the clothes.