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Dorfak Peak is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran and one of the tourist destinations of Gilan province. This mountain is actually a dormant volcano.This peak is located twenty-seven kilometers northeast of Rudbar city at an altitude of 2733 meters and continues to the valley of three thousand Tonekabon.

dorfak peak

top of Dorfak

Routes to climb Dorfak peak

Route 1 (Eastern Front) – Siahkal – Deylaman – Shah Shahidan – Arbnab – Darfak Peak

Route 2 (Western Front) – The western route is divided into the following two routes :

Rostamabad, Totkabon, Shirkuh, Larneh, Gironi, Darfak

Rustamabad, Totkabon, Rajaoun, Gironi, Darfak

Access route to Dorfak peak from Shirkuh

iran mountains

If you are moving from Tehran to Dorfak, you should change to the right on the Qazvin-Rasht highway, after Rudbar, from a city called Rostamabad, which is located in front of the Rostamabad road (Jamshkhaneh). After crossing Totkabon and the bridge over the Speed ​​Road, you will go to Shirkuh village.
From Shirkuh, when you walk, you will immediately enter the beautiful forests of the region, and if you continue it, after crossing a steep slope, you will reach a wooded and green space with a wooden hut in the middle. Here is Larne. After Larne, it works again to the eye. It is a forest and tall plants that sometimes reach two meters in height.

Along the way, after passing a low tree area called the farm, a steep slope rises in front of you. Next is the Black Valley and the forest apple, azalea, wild persimmon and plum bushes lined up in front of you. Then you will reach the Gironi spring, whose cottages are your only resting place before moving to the summit. From Gironi onwards, the area gradually becomes less trees and after passing the wide pass of the fort, you reach the summit.

Climb to the summit of Dorfak from Rajaoun

Dorfak nomads

nomads lifestyle around Dorfak peak

This route starts from Rostamabad-Shamam village. This village is located 5 km from Rostamabad and has a mountainous climate. From here, you can reach Raja’un village in a Nissan. From the beginning, the route is forested and beautiful with a medium slope, which has a relatively clear pavilion. Gradually the forest will become a lush pasture with shrubs. Of course, you will cross the forest again.

Then you will reach an area called Jirani. A green and rocky area with a shepherd’s hut and a spring that boils among the rocks. From now on, the slope of the route becomes steeper and then it reaches the wide plain. The cover is also semi-dried and takes on a mountainous shape. After that, you will be on the ridge and you will reach Darfak peak.

When to climb Dorfak peak?

Due to the climatic conditions of this region, you may have to cross muddy areas in the summer, which are left over from the recent rains. In the autumn days, the leaves of the trees fall so much that in some areas you may sink to the knees. This mountain is very snowy and stormy in winter; With the onset of heavy fog, in addition to the pleasant scenery, you are very likely to get lost.

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Climbing difficulty of Dorfak peak

Climbing Darfak peak is a simple navigation. Walking this route does not require technical conflict in dry seasons. However, as mentioned, the winter in this area is snowy. Take the danger of fog seriously in climbing Darfak peak. In hot seasons, this peak is almost equal in difficulty to Darabad or Alvand peaks.


Spectacular attractions of Dorfak region

Dorfak Cave

Darfak bowl is the summer place of cattle breeders who migrate to this peak from villages and forests in summer. There is a cave in Darfak bowl that the locals use its ice as a source of water in summer. One of the sights of this mountain is Darfak glacier (peak bowl), in which livestock farmers have created many huts and it is used in spring and summer, and in other corners of Darfak bowl there is a beautiful and deep symbol that is stored Winter snow inside it (due to the special shape of the crater) and turning them into ice is a special beauty in the cave and it should be noted that due to the steep slope of the cave, navigation inside the cave is difficult. On the northern side of the peak, there is a 500-meter-high limestone wall and it is one of its sights.

Due to its narrow and wide opening, it is not possible to enter it without mountaineering and ice climbing equipment.

Dorfak skirt

Darfak summer is one of the functions of Gilan province and one of the closest summers in this area to Tehran. Dorfak (or Delfak) summer on a mountain slope that is 8 km long and stretches northwest-southeast. In a way, it can be said that Dorfak summer is at the foot of Darfak mountain.

Dorfak volcano

Darfak Weather

You can check Darfak meteorology through the following link:



Things to know before going to Dorfak

  • Do not travel alone to go to this mountain.
  • Be diligent in keeping this mountain clean.
  • Eat a light meal at night.
  • Check the weather in this area before attempting to climb.