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Lasem & Damavand ski mountaineering

Mount Damavand ski tour

Lasem and Damavand ski mountaineering was  our first skiing tour in 2018

damavand ski tour

First day:

Beginning of March 2018 our trip started in mount Golezard in Polur . Me and Shams from Franc climbed up to 3000 meters We settled the night at a local home in Reyneh village .

Second day

second day me with Shams and his girlfriend and two young mountaineer from Czech Repoblic drive to Lasem valley and since the road was closed we did a nice trekking about 8 km on the road to Lasem and we climbed up to 2900 meters and because of strong wind on the ridge we returned by ski to village , we drive to Reyneh to Masoud guest house.

Third day

Third Day , Shams and his girlfriend and Ashkan leaved Reyneh to Lasem and me with two Czech mountaineer drive to Damavand south face. in this day we started trekking from 2400 meters in the beginning of dirt road of mosque . and after 8 hours trekking we reached to Bargah3 and settled on Hut.

Fourth day : rest and acclimatization
Fifth day 


In this day we started our final attempt on Mount Damavand . the normal route for summer is a ridge in right side oh Hut but in winter we ascend on a glacier on north of Hut , left side of summer route.


Damavand ski

You can find our skiing package for skiing in Damavand and Lasem here:
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Dizin ski touring

Dizin ski touring

Dizin ski touring , today(12 jan. 2018) we did our first ski mountaineering effort in 2018 .our group was consist of :me(Mehdi Farhadi) and two member of our group in “PersiaTrek” co. : Farah Mansouri and  Ehsan Partovinia  . we did it in Dizin region , we ascended Seechal summit(3700m) then we returned down by skiing , although in this season we did’nt have enough snowfall in Iran plateau but fortunately we had a chance to do skiing in Dizin region.

here you can see some of our photo which today have taken by our group :

dizin ski resort

Dizin ski touring ,I took this photo from top of Seechal peak


Alamut region, Paradise of Natural and Cultural Tourism of Iran

Alamut region

Where is Alamut region ?
alamut region ,trekking

Fantasy image of Alamut castle in “Prince of Persia” movie

Alamut region is a very beautiful and historic region in north east of Qazvin province . it has plenty of touristic attraction ,in addition Alamut is consist of  lots of valley and high altitude mountains(above3500m) also there are many villages which are located in the border of Qazvin and Mazandaran province (South and north of Alborz mountain range) consequently it could be one of the best choices for travelers to visit in Iran

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Alamut Trekking

why you should visit Alamut

Alamut trekking tour could be one of the best choices for an adventurous and cultural touristic trip to Iran. Some of the most mysterious tourist attractions in Iran are located in the valleys of Alamut and Shahrud. The stranded peaks of the Alborz have inspirational landscapes that depict the beautiful scenery of Switzerland, Patagonia, the central regions of Australia and the highlands of Syria.

alamut trekkinf

Alamut Trekking tour , view of mount Sialan (4200m) from eastern Alamut


Damavnad Trekking tour

Why Mount Damavand trekking ?

Damavand trekking : Mount Damavand is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in Iran . for sure Mount Damavand trekking is the most attraction of Iran because of many reason such as:

Damavand is about 5671 meters height

The highest peak in Iran

The highest volcano in Asia

mount Damavand is also 12th prominent peak in the word.

Damavand mountain climbing normal routes are not technical and in summer is easy to climb

If you prefer to climb a mountain by ski then Damavand ski touring is one of the best choices.

Below you can see pictures of this unique and beautiful mountain.

Damavand tour

Damavand trekking

Mount Damavand Hut , located in south face of Damavand at 4260m elevation

mount Damavand TREKKING

Damavand hut kitchen and shop

mount damavand

Mount Damavand south face

More about mount Damavand trekking

Damavand Peak is one of the most important symbols of Iran. Height and cone shape of this summit have a special beauty and has made it one of the most attractive mountains the world. you can ascend Damavand from different route (the most popular route: North , west , north-east and south ridges) by the easiest and the most safe route is South ridge .these photo all taken in south ridge .

How you can climb Mount Damavand

if you are intrested on climbing mount Damavand we advise you to contact us and book one of our tours that we designed .

We have designed various tours to climb Damavand Peak and you can choose one of them according to your time and cost.

Damavand trekking tours Damavand ski tours

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