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Iran Popular mountains

Iran popular mountains


Iran popular mountains : Those who plan to travel to Iran, for example, for two weeks or even a month and plan to visit the most beautiful places in Iran during this period, have a very difficult task because after some research, they realize that Iran’s attractions are so diverse and amazing. Which can not detect a small part of it even in a period of several months.
The nature of the four seasons and the diversity of climate and vegetation are unique in Iran. The history and civilization of Iran for several thousand years and the amazing monuments left from this ancient civilization and the cultural diversity and ethnicities of Iran make any viewer admire.

In this article, we want to introduce only some of the most popular mountains in Iran and the famous peaks of Iran. Mountains where you will enjoy their beautiful nature and the culture and customs of the people living in them, and you will enjoy mountaineering routes with varying degrees of difficulty.

Division of the mountains of Iran

From the point of view of geographers, the mountains of Iran consists of two parts and the rest is limited to a few ranges in central Iran.

The Alborz mountain range is divided into eastern, central and western parts and the Zagros Mountains also have different parts, including the mountains of Kurdistan and the mountains of Lorestan , Zardkooh , Dena , ….

Eight main parts of the mountains of Iran :

  • Alborz mountain chain
  • Zagros or Lorestan mountain range
  • Continuous central peaks
  • Khorasan Mountains
  • Mountains of the border strip of West Azerbaijan
  • Mountains of Kurdistan and Kermanshah
  • Kerman Mountains
  • Single peaks or single sets