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Iran ski tours? are you kidding me?

No , I am completely serious and I want to say you about skiing in one of the most driest country in the world , yes!I Iran ski tours is a reality not a joke.

Where is Iran?

By these data you can easily find Iran by  using Google earth or any online or offline map:

Iran is bathed by the Caspian Sea, the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf.

Iran is bordered to the north by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, to the east by Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the west by Turkey, and to the northwest by Iraq.

Is there any mountain in Iran?


Iran is traversed by three mountain ranges:

  • The long chain of Zagros

1800km length and 200-300km width , with peaks reaching 4400 m, The greatest and longest mountain range in Iran, starts from north west and continues to south of Iran Plateau. with more than eight hundred 4000 meters peak!!!!

  • The Alborz mountains range :

    Iran mountain , Alborz

1800km length , from which emerges Mount Damavand, the highest point of the country at 5,670 meters.

starts from north west and continues to north east of Iran and it is like a big wall between Caspian sea Iran central desert.

This mountain range is the most access-able in Iran and from Tehran(capital of Iran) through two main street between Tehran and Caspian see .

you can reach to the highest mountains of this area Like Alam-kouh(4850m) , Damavand(5671m) Touchal(3960m) etc.

  • Central mountains range:

    Iran mountains , central mountains range

1460km length and about 80km width , stretches from the northwest to the south east of Ian the highest peak is: mount Heazar(4465m)

By the way ! now what is your Idea about Skiing and specially ski touring in Iran?

Iran ski touring

Believe it or not .
Iran is one of the best destination for ski-touring in all of the world .

ski-touring in Iran  is an unique experience.

compare with Alps, Hymalaya , Ands and many famous mountains in all around the world ,  Iran’s mountains have more stable Climate , less icy path and craves , less risk of avalanches .

One point that is very important :

There are many untouched area by skier in Iran mountains that you can explore it and enjoy of ski-touring in Iran .

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