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Zagros mountains tour

zagros trek

Zagros mountain tour is a trip in less visited area of ​​Iran. Visiting Bakhtiari tribes and Getting to know their lifestyle , Ability to cross the river with one of the oldest means of crossing the river (Gargar) ,Crossing areas with various climatic and climatic conditions And dozens of other features that you will encounter on this journey In this trip  you’ll do trekking in Zagros Mountains , less visited area of ​​Iran .

We started zagros mountain tour from Lirook village in the south of Zardkooh mountain range, then we crossed Bakhtiari river and continued our way to Tembi lake.
We were moving along the Bakhtiari tribe migration route .
Along the way we met nomads moving from the hot south to the north.
After visiting Tembi Lake, we moved to Selili Pass at an altitude of 2800 meters and from there we descended to the south.
Our trip in the north of Khuzestan province ended.

zagros mountain tour


A dream trip and visit less visited areas

Experience in the Zagros Mountains and living with tribes and observing the way of life that is being forgotten

The way the old Iranians lived

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Zagros trekking tour

Video : https://youtu.be/58C47dApIzQ