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The Best Time to Travel to Iran

The Best Time to visit Iran

best time to travel to iran

In this article, we will help you find the best time to visit Iran . Iran is a country with four distinct seasons, you can experience a wide range of weather conditions from frosty & snowy weather to extremely hot temperature or a mild and pleasant condition.
In addition to weather conditions, it is also wise to consider religious lunar calendar events, such as Ramadhan , Muharram and Persian New Year holiday, Nowruz


March to May

The best time to travel to Iran is spring, there are ideal temperatures across most of Iran from March until May, although Iran is a big country and temperature varies from enjoyable sunny to mildly cold.
March is also a good time if you like to experience Nowruz (Persian new year), but keep in mind that since the new year 1-2 week holiday starts march 21st & most of Iranian travel at this period of time hotels should be booked in advance and touristic sites and attractions are more crowded than in normal time of the year. During Nowruz holiday Tehran is much less crowded and polluted also mountains around Tehran are very enjoyable in this season. you can book our cultural  and ski tour packages that is suitable for spring .


July – September

Summer is a great time for hiking the top three peaks of Iran: Damavand, Alam Kouh and Sabalan.  ( You can see Persiatrek trekking tour to high mountains of Iran here )To escape the heat of summer days hiking, climbing, rafting, biking and canyoneering are fun and popular activities that you can do in Zagros and Alborz mountains.
We don’t recommend you to visit desert and south of Iran in Summer since the temperature can reach up to 40 degrees or even higher in cities like Isfahan, Yazd or Shiraz. If you are going to visit Iran on summer our suggestion is the cooler regions of the country or high altitudes and mountains. best time to visit Iran



Another favorite time to visit Iran, Fall is a low season for domestic travelers since schools start in late-September and there is no major holiday for long trips therefor hotel prices are lower and historic sites are less crowded.
In the center and north of Iran where major tourist cities located Temperature is very pleasant.
spring and fall are great seasons for those travelers who are interested in city walking and sightseeing. You can enjoy visiting the major cities including Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, Yazd, Kashan, and walk through their stunning ancient palaces, gardens, mosques and bazaars in a comfortable temperature and no intense crowd .best time to visit Iran

you can book our cultural  and desert packages that is suitable for Fall.


December – February

If you are passionate about winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding in the fresh powder or even ski touring in untouched fascinating mountains, visiting Iran in winter is highly recommended. The ski season begins from the November and surprisingly lasts to late-May in some Iran’s ski resorts. According to New York Post, it’s time to skip the Alps and ski in Iran.
The best plan is to indulge yourself with sunny blue sky beaches of Persian Gulf, sunbathing or scuba diving along the gulf shores after a fun and exciting ski trip in mountains.
Of course no visit to Iran is complete without a desert experience, winter is the best and suitable time to travel to warm regions such as Gheshm, Kish and all other Persian Gulf Islands which are unique in land formations, culture, food and their stunning blue water.