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Alam Kuh and Mount Damavand climb

Mount Damavand climb and Alam kuh tour is an extremely attractive tour in which you climb Damavand (5671 meters, the highest peak of Iran) and Alamkuh (4850 meters, the second highest peak of Iran) as well as  Lashgarak(4250m).

In addition you visit the largest lake in the world (Caspian Sea) and spend one night in a hotel on the shore of this lake.

Alam kuh –  mount Damavand climb tour is one of the most popular trekking tour in Iran. Mount Damavand is a conical and volcanic peak so these features make this peak especially attractive and beautiful. Also, the ascent of this peak is relatively easy and non-technical then you can climb a peak with a height of 5671 meters with an average level and ability of mountaineering.

Mount Damavand climb

Alm kuh – Mount Damavand climb tour Summarized Program

Day 1: Drive to the Kelardasht – Roudbarak – Vandarbon (2300m)

Day 2: Ascent to Hessarchal (3770m)

Day 3 : Lashgarak summit, 4256 m

Day 4: Alamkuh summit, 4850 m

Day 5: Descend to Vandarbon  – driveto the Caspian Sea (Mahmood Abad)

Day 6: Mahmood Abad to Rineh (2300m)

Day 7: Ascent to Camp 2 (Bargah 3) (4250 meters)

Day 8: Ascending summit  of  Damavand (5671 meters) and return to Camp 2

Day 9: Return to the Rineh and drive to Tehran

Alm kuh – Mount Damavand climb tour  detailed itinerary

Day 1: Drive to the Kelardasht – Roudbarak – Vandarbon (2300m)

This morning, our agents will meet and welcome you at Imam Khomeini Airport or the IBIS Airport Hotel (depending on your incoming flight time) and after that we departure into the mountains with a drive (190 km / 5 h) in the direction of Chalus and deep into the green mountains of the northern Alborz Mountains.

Via Marzan Abad you reach Rudbarak , 1550 m then by 4WD cars  drive on a dirt road (15km / 45 min) to Vandarbon mountain lodge where is located at 2400m elevation which is equipped with rooms , bed , shower and restaurant

Transfer (Tehran to Roudbarak ): 5 hours (190 km)

Transfer (Roudbarak to Vnadarbon ): 45 min (15 km)

Day 2: Ascent to Hessarchal (3770m)

After breakfast you will be transferred via a dirt mountain road to Tang-e-Galu (3300m , end of road) From here the hike of 2-3 hours begins through a fascinating landscape to Hezarchal plain( 3,770 m). your luggage will be transported by mules therefore you only carry the light daypack. You pitch your tents on a beautiful meadow that is surrounded by the many four-thousand-meter peaks

Transfer ( Vnadarbon to Tang-e-Galu): 1.5 hours (30 km)

Trekking ↑ approx. : 470m , 2 hours
Accommodation: El. : 3770m , Tent

Day 3 : Lashgarak summit, 4256 m

Today you have the opportunity to climb the 4,256 m high Lashgarak. First you have to jump over 2-3 small streams and cross small snow fields (depending on the season) before going up to the summit via a gravel path. it takes approx. 3 hours to you reach the summit where you can enjoy of a beautiful view of the 4,850 m high Alamkouh and its vassals from the broad summit. Those who do not want to climb the summit can either take a rest day or go on short hikes in the area

Trekking ↑↓ approx. :486m ,  5 hours

Accommodation: El. : 3770m , Tent

Day 4: Alamkuh summit, 4850 m

Waking up up in good time (it starts at 7:30 a.m.), because today the ascent of the second highest mountain in Iran is on the program. The path leads over the technically easy south route on gravel and rock.

In some places you have to cross some small snow fields. On the left is the Khersan Glacier and on the right (partially covered) the remains of the Marjikesh Glacier. After about 5-6 hours it is finally done! You stand on the beautiful but summit and enjoy the breathtaking 360 ° panoramic view of the Alborz Mountains.

You look down into the steep “climbing tours” from the north side of the mountain and with a bit of luck you can even make out King Damavand with his white hood in the east. After an extensive rest at the summit, the descent (3 hours) takes place via the ascent route back to the camp in Hezarchal.

Trekking ↑↓ approx. :1080m , 9 hours

Accommodation: El. : 3770m , Tent

Day 5: Descend to Vandarbon  – drive to the Caspian Sea (Mahmood Abad)

Descent to Tang-e Galu, 3500 m, and drive (140 km / 3 h) to the Caspian Sea. Our hotel is located directly on the coast near Mahmud Abad. Strictly speaking, the Caspian Sea is the largest inland lake on earth and only bears its name because of its size and salinity.

Its water surface is 28 meters below sea level. In the late afternoon there is time to relax a little on the beach and maybe take a swim in the “sea” – observing the very special dress code.

Transfer ( Tang-e-Galu to Vnadarbon): 1.5 hours (30 km)

Transfer ( Vnadarbon to Mahmood Abad): 3 hours (140 km)

Accommodation: El. : 0 ,  Hotel

Day 6:Drive from Mahmood Abad to Rineh (2300m)for Damavand trek 

In the morning we can still enjoy a few hours of free time on the Caspian Sea. Then there is the picture-rich journey (100 km / 2 h) from the coast to the mountains. The destination is Rineh, 2300 m, where we spend the night in a guest house. Briefing by the mountain guide and equipment check. Final preparations for the ascent of Demavand have to be made.

Transfer (Mahmood Abad to Rineh): 2 hours (90 km)

Accommodation: El. : 2300m , local house

Day 7: Ascent to Camp 2 (Bargah 3) (4250 meters)

Starting Damavand trek , Today firstly we have breakfast at the local house then we prepare our tools and equipment and finally the group leave at about 9 o’clock in the morning for Damavand first Camp at an altitude of 3000 meters by 4WD car.

This place is called “Gosfandsara” in the local language, which means the shelter of sheep. It is also known as Sahib Al-Zaman Mosque because of the presence of a mosque in that place.

After delivering the equipment that should be carried by the porters we start trekking to Camp 2.

The ascent route is relatively easy and clear and is a simple mountaineering without having to deal with technical routes. If you travel on this route during the holidays, especially in August and July, you will see many groups of Iranian mountaineers on the route, and you will generally encounter their warm welcome and friendly treatment.

After about 4 to 5 hours of walking, we reach the large area of ​​Barga 3 where we see several large and small buildings and several camps.

Our stay will be in the shelter or in a tent depending on the climbing season and the conditions of the area.

We have lunch and rest for better acclimatization to be adapted to the high altitude conditions then we will climb to an altitude of about 4500 meters and return to the camp and rest to prepare for the next day, which is our final acclimatization day.

Trekking ↑ approx. : 1250m , 6 to 7 hours

Accommodation: El. : 4250m ,  Tent

Day 8: Ascending summit  of  Damavand (5671 meters) and return to Camp 2 ( Damavand trek)

In the early morning we set off for our summit storm. At around 4 a.m. you wake up and at 5 a.m. you start to the summit.

Damavand word means “frosty mountain” in Persian therefor you have to dress warmly , because temperatures at the summit are well below 0 degrees even in summer and strong winds can be expected in some places.

With a bit of luck, especially in July and August, you can climb the summit without any contact with snow or ice. The ascent route is technically easy, but still requires surefootedness and a solid basic level of fitness.

In a few places it may be necessary to reach into the rock. Sometimes an old snow field has to be crossed. It is advisable to put on gaiters right at the start. From an altitude of 5,100 m you will feel the first sulfur fumes and it becomes clear that you are walking on a volcano.

The mountain is no longer active, but you can still feel your breath. After about 6-7 hours you will be happily standing on the highest point of the Damavand volcano and enjoy a grandiose all-round view.

On a clear day you can even see as far as Tehran or the Caspian Sea. After an extensive rest at the summit, the descent takes place via the ascent route to the Bargah-Sevon mountain hut. Here you will spend the night again and enjoy the view of the conquered Damavand. Walking time ascent approx. 6-7 h / descent approx 3-4 h / ascent and descent 1,500 m altitude.

Trekking  ↑ ↓ approx. : 1420m , about 10 hours

Accommodation : El. : 4250m ,Tent

Day 9: Return to the Rineh and drive to Tehran

This morning, after having breakfast and delivering the luggage to the porters, we will move to Camp 1 at around 9:00 AM and from there be transferred to Rineh village and we say goodbye to its lovely people and move to Tehran. Also, along the way, our guide lead you to visit the 2000-year-old residential caves that is called Kafar Koli, which is located near the village of Rineh, and after arriving in Tehran , we stay at the hotel.

Trekking ↓ approx. :1250m ,  2 hours

Transfer (Rineh to Tehran): 2 hours (90 km)

Accommodation: El. : 1200m ,  Hotel

Alm kuh – Mount Damavand climb tour  services included

  • Full board (all meals are included)
  • All transfers & sightseeing trips in private vehicles
  • Damavand and Alam Kuh permit fees
  • Accommodations  in simple guest houses, tents or very simple mountain huts in Damavand and Equipped Refuge in Vandarbon
  • Luggage transport by mules
  • English speaking mountain and trekking guide
  • Additional, local mountain guide on Damavand summit day for 4 people each

Alm kuh – Mount Damavand climb tour required equipment

  • Base layers
  • Backpack (30 to 40 Liter)
  • Wind stoppers (polar jacket)
  • Warm trekking pants
  • Light down jacket
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Warm hat
  • Waterproof Trekking boots
  • Sleeping bag (comfort level :+5)
  • Warm gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun creams
  • Headlight
  • Sticks , poles
  • Mattress
Price : 650$

1PAX : 1150$

2 PAX : 810$

3-5 PAX : 650$

6-8 PAX : 610$

9-10 PAX : 570$

11 and more : 520$

Duration : 9 days

Valid from  : June to September

Age requirement  : +16

Physical rating : 5

Join in : Tehran

End in : Tehran

Max Altitude : 5671m


Rineh village : 1 night in Local house

Vandarbon : 1 night in Hut

Mahmood Abad : 1 night in Hotel**

Alamkuh Camp : 3 nights in Tent

Damavand Camp2 : 2 nights in Tent / Hut

Meals :

8 Breakfasts

9 lunches

8 dinners

Transportation : 

Private car all the road trip

4WD car in the mountainous roads

If you want something else :

Customize your own package

Mount Damavand climb

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Alam kuh trekking

Damavand acclimatization

Damavand tour

Damavand trekking

Mount Damavand Hut , located in south face of Damavand at 4260m elevation

Damavand tour

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