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skiing in Lasem , the best choice for ski mountaineering in Alborz

Skiing in Lasem , Lasem is the name of a village and also valley in central Alborz mountain range , it is located about 80km in north of Tehran(capital of Iran) .Lasem is located also in foot of Doberar chain with above 4000meters peak like Angemar , Changizchal and Doberar. skiing Lasem valley is one of the most popular activities in March and April and you can start ski touring from the village to top of 4000meters peak and ski down in fantastic valleys with also good snow.

When you do skiing in Lasem you have a spectacular view of mount Damavand and you can enjoying of this special experience.

If you are going to climb mount Damavand with ski , the best way is to do your acclimatization via skiing in Lasem mountains and then try on Damavand.

Lasem is also easy to access and you can drive to Haraz road in north of Tehran toward Caspian sea and after 75km you will pass Polur village then continue on a sidetrack(15km) to reach Lasem village.

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Here you can see some nice photo of this valley and skiing in Lasem: