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Iran Desert Tour Packages

Why you should visit Iran desert?

If you want to get unique experiences that you cannot have anywhere in the world in one place and together, Iran desert tours can be the best choice.
So pack your bags and put on your light walking shoes and get ready to travel to the dreamy and unknown land of Iran.
Immerse yourself in the peaceful world of sand and sun of the Iranian desert. Climb the pristine and colorful desert mountains, walk through the endless sand dunes, watch the breathtaking sunset scenes, and watch the incredible ocean of stars in the clear desert sky at night.
In addition to all the pleasures that you will get from the unique nature of the desert in Iran, you can socialize with the warm-blooded and kind people of the desert by staying in rural houses on Iran desert tours, and by visiting the important and historical cities on the edge of the deserts of Iran and staying Learn more about Iran’s ancient and thousands of years old civilization in the magnificent houses of old Iran.

Iran is home to amazing deserts, mainly Central Desert and Lut Desert.
The precious treasures of the Lut Desert have made it a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.
Ride an adventure horse in Iran

Why are our desert tours attractive?

Variety of travel attractions

In our tours, in addition to enjoying the deserts of Iran and exploring its unique nature, you will get to know the culture of the local people as well as many of the cities and cultural attractions of Iran.

Availability and budget-friendly prices

The existence of important and large cities such as Isfahan, Yazd and Kerman on the edge and near the important deserts of Iran makes the access to the deserts easy and in the shortest time, and this also leads to the reduction of costs and the price of the tour.

The price of a desert safari in Iran is also more reasonable compared to desert tours in other countries.

Peace and solitude of tourist routes

The vastness of Iran’s deserts and the fact that many of Iran’s desert areas are unknown allow us to choose areas with the least number of tourists for travel and benefit more from the peace of the desert.

The diverse and extremely beautiful nature of Iran

Few countries in the world have the diversity of natural landscapes in Iran, and the deserts of Iran are not without this privilege. Sand dunes, colorful desert mountains, salt lakes, rivers and desert reservoirs, the magical cloots of Lut are among the wonderful attractions of Iran’s deserts.

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Damavand Tour Packages

Trekking & Culture Tour
iran desert trekking

Duration : 15 days

From November to April

Physical rating : 2 out of 5

Trekking & Culture Tour
Iran desert expedition

Duration : 15 days

From November to March

Physical rating : 1 out of 5

Trekking Tour
Iran Lut Desert adventure

Duration : 6 days

From November to April

Physical rating : 1 out of 5

Trekking & Culture Tour

Duration : 4 days

From June to October

Physical rating : 4 out of 5

Culture Tour


Tehran , Shiraz , Isfahan , Garmeh , Mesr …

Duration : 12 days

From  November to April