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Central Iran Desert Tour

Let us help you experience an extra-ordinary Desert and culture tour, under the starry night of the central Desert (Dasht-e Kavir) gather around a bonfire and hear local’s story. Start your journey with Iran’s history and culture, the history and civilization of the Achaemenid Era in Shiraz -the great land of Parseh and the marvelous city of Yazd. Take the short memorable Safari  or camel ride to the central Desert to explore the glory of Iran’s deserts and dunes, enjoy the stunning sunset of the desert, grasp the sophisticated desert silence, and embrace the beauty of the Milky Way Galaxy! Step into the marvelous city of Isfahan, then get familiar with local people’s life-style in the eye-catching village of Abyaneh. Walk into one of the Persian garden, Fin Garden. And finally, see the modern city of Tehran along with its wonderful highlights.


 Shiraz:Nasir ol Molk Mosque, Arg of Karim Khan, Hafez Tomb ,Pasargadae & Persepolis (UNESCO)
• Yazd:Historic City of Yazd, Amir Chakhmaq Complex,Fahadan, Alexander’s Prison, Water Museum, Congregational Mosque, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Dowlat Abad Garden‌ (UNESCO)
• Meybod
• Kharanaq
• Garmeh
• Mesr Desert
• Na’in
• Isfahan: Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (UNESCO), Imam Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Si-o-Se Pole Bridge, Khaju Bridge
• Abyaneh
• Kashan: Fin Garden (UNESCO)
• Tehran: Golestan Palace(UNESCO), National Museum of Iran, Grand Bazaar

Central Iran Desert Tour summarized program

Day1:  Arrival Shiraz , sightseeing

Day2: Sightseeing Persepolis – Continue to Yazd

Day3: Yazd sightseeing

Day4: Yazd-Meybod –Garmeh

Day5: Garmeh – Mesr

Day6: Mesr –Na’in-Isfahan

Day7-8: Isfahan sightseeing

Day9: Isfahan-Abyaneh-Kashan

Day10:  Kashan- Tehran

Day11: Tehran

Day12: Tehran

Central Iran Desert Tour detailed itinerary

Day1:  Arrival Shiraz , sightseeing

If you fly directly to Shiraz then our agent meet you in airport or your residence in Shiraz then you start your sightseeing in Shiraz city , in case you fly to Tehran we can book a domestic flight from Tehran to Shiraz for you.

Shiraz is the capital of Fars Province, which gave its name to Persia and contains the Greek root Persis. Shiraz is a modern city with almost 1.5 million inhabitants. At the same time, it can refer to the same cultural and historical roots as Persepolis. Due to the mild climate, the official cultural capital of Iran is considered the garden city of Iran, a green oasis with parks, rose cultivation and green spaces at an altitude of 1600 meters. The most famous poets of Persia, Saadi and Hafiz, rest in their mausoleums on the outskirts of the city in the midst of manicured gardens. Shiraz is also a university city and has produced many important personalities. Numerous gardens, the citadel of Karim Khan,

Day2: Sightseeing Persepolis – Continue to Yazd

It is only about 45 km to the ancient Persian royal residence of Persepolis. The founding of the “City of the Persians”, one of the capitals of the Achaemenid Empire, goes back to Darius I (around 520 BC). Like an open book about the heyday of antiquity, the immense art treasures have already fascinated travelers and researchers in the Middle Ages. Frescoes, reliefs and archaeological finds document two and a half thousand years of western cultural history. A huge terrace measuring 300 by 500 meters supports the city’s most important temples and buildings. The famous reliefs of the Apadana represent 28 different peoples and cultures as “the gate of all countries”. Only four kilometers away are the four royal tombs of the Achaemenids in Naqsh-i Rustam.

Day3: Yazd sightseeing

Full-day Yazd sightseeing

Day4: Yazd-Meybod –Garmeh

Drive to Garmeh, visit Meybod & Kharanaq

Day5: Garmeh – Mesr

Sightseeing of Garmeh and Mesr villages, walking through the salt desert & dunes

Day6: Mesr –Na’in-Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan, visit Na’in

Day7-8: Isfahan sights

The provincial capital Isfahan is around 400 kilometers south of Tehran. With its outskirts, it has almost two million inhabitants and is a dazzling modern city: industry and bazaar, universities, ancient mosques and well-kept green spaces. In the center is the much-visited Meidan-e-Imam (Imam Square), a square surrounded by magnificent buildings that is a World Heritage Site and is unique in the world. The Zayandeh Rud River made it possible for this thriving oasis to emerge in the middle of the desert on the edge of the Silk Road. Isfahan was the residence of the famous Safavid rulers and the golden age is considered to be the 17th century, when Shah Abbas the Great built the impressive buildings at Meidan-e-Imam, which is also where the main entrance to the covered Grand Bazaar is located. You will visit outstanding sights such as the 33-arch bridge or the garden palace Chehel Sotun (40-pillar palace). You will spend a whole day sightseeing and walking. Overall: Great culture.

Day9: Isfahan-Abyaneh-Kashan

Drive to Kashan, visit the spectacular village of Abyaneh

Day10:  Kashan- Tehran

Sightseeing of Kashan including Fin Garden & historical houses

Day11: Tehran

Full-day Tehran sightseeing

Day12: Tehran

Full-day Tehran sightseeing

Central Iran Desert Tour services included

  • Full board (all meals are included) in Desert
  • Half board in the cities
  • All transfers & sightseeing trips in private vehicles
  • Entrance fee for sightseeing in the cities
  • Accommodations  in guest houses and  tents in Desert and 3 stars hotel in the cities
  • English speaking  trekking guide
  • English , German or French speaking cultural guide during sightseeing in the cities ( dependent on clients language)

Central Iran Desert Tour required equipment

  • Light trekking pants
  • Light Trekking boots
  • Sleeping bag (comfort level :0)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun creams
  • Headlight
  • Sticks , poles
Price : 980$

1PAX : 1350$

2 PAX : 1100$

3-5 PAX : 980$

6-8 PAX : 950$

9-10 PAX : 420$

11 and more : 390$

Duration : 12 days

Valid from  : November to April

Age requirement  : +12

Physical rating : 1

Join in : Tehran

End in : Tehran

Max Altitude : 1200


Villages : 2 night in Local house

Cities : 9 nights in 3 stars hotel

Meals :

11 Breakfasts

11 lunches

2 dinners

Transportation : 

Private car all the road trip

If you want something else :

Customize your own package

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