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Here we have answered all the questions you have about Damavand peak climbing tours
What is the best route to climb Damawand peak?

If you mean the best route to have features such as: comfort and proximity of access, easier climbing route, faster rescue , cheaper accommodation and better transportation facilities, the Damavand southern route is definitely the best option.

But there are other attractive routes to climb Damavand  mountain . By reading this article, you can get to know the most popular Damavand climbing routes and then choose your desired tour in this page :  Damavand Tour packages

How do I find the most suitable Damavand tour ?

To choose a climbing tour, you should consider following parameters:

level of physical fitness and climbing experience, available climbing equipment, time, cost and level of risk taking, and finally your goal and attitude towards climbing and travel.

Persiatrek has prepared a variety of Damavand trekking tours :

Private tours that you can customize based on your own conditions

Short-term Damavand tour (3-4 days) : for those who are well acclimatized

Mid-term Damavand tour (5-6 days) for those who need more time for acclimatization

Mid-term Damavand tour (5-6 days) with acclimatization on a 4000 meters peak around Damavand – more diverse and a little more expensive

Mid-term Damavand tour (7-15 days) with acclimatization in mount Alam-Kuh and Mount Sabalan ( the second and third heigest peaks of Iran) – more diverse with cultural tours, more time and more cost

Damavand combined tours with cultural packages for those who have enough time of 8 days or more and have more budget and want to enjoy their trip to Iran more.

In addition, we have provided you with the possibility to climb Damavand Peak from the lesser known and more beautiful routes (except the southern classic route) for those who intend to climb Damavand for the second time or They are a little more adventurous


How much previous experience do we need to climb Damavand Peak?

Damavand trekking in the summer season and its easy and non-technical routes do not require serious climbing experiences . If you’ve climbed a few 3000+ meter mountains, you can climb Damavand mountain with a good acclimatization program.



Will I receive a certificate if I successfully climb the summit?

Yes, if you successfully climb Damavand Peak , you will receive an official certificate approved by Iran mountaineering federation



How is the Damavand tour price compared to peaks like Kilimanjaro and Elbrus?

 Damavand tours are usually cheaper than these peaks because the value of foreign currency in Iran is high due to the high rate of currency inflation. For example, a 5-day tour to Kilimanjaro costs €2,000 or a 5-day Elbrus tour costs €600, while a 5-day Damavand trekking tour costs a maximum of €400. In general, Iran is a cheap country to travel. So hikers can find cheaper tours that fit their budget. You can read this article about the economic reasons for Damavand tours



Is there a high probability of getting altitude sickness in Damavand?

A sudden change in altitude can cause acute mountain sickness (AMS) , which can lead to headaches, suffocation, fatigue, sleep problems, and nausea. This problem usually occurs at +2500 meters altitude. This issue has nothing to do with physical fitness and is only related to height.

The solution to this problem is to control the rate of daily ascent. A proper aeration program and proper water consumption can prevent this issue. We have designed our Damavand tours so that make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

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Is it possible to climb and descend Damavand peak with skis?

Yes, you can climb Damavand peak with skis in the right season from different routes, the best route for skiing is the southern route. The best time for skiing in Damavand is March, April and May

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When is the best time to climb Mt Damavand?

Damavand trekking season begins in mid-June and ends in mid-September and Damavand ski season start from Mid-March and ends in mid-May. The best time to climb Damavand peak is in summer when the weather is stable and warmest. You can also find detailed information about Damavand’s weather by reading this Article.





Is it possible to climb Damavan without a mountainguide and a porter?

If you are know the area and have enough experience in mountain climbing, it is possible for you to climb without a guide. Also, you won’t need a porter if you don’t have a lot of gear or stuff with you.

However, if it’s your first time and you don’t know the area or you want to climb it off-season , even if you’re an experienced climber , we don’t recommend going it alone. We recommend that you speak with a professional tour guide before making such decisions





What is the price range of Damavand tour package? What does it include?

The price of group tours varies between 300 and 600 euros depending on the duration. This cost includes guide, accommodation, food, transportation and permit.

The cost of ski tours or off-season tours is slightly higher






What is the chance of success to climb Damavand peak?

You have the best chance of success in the months of July and August, when the days are longer and warmer and there is less rainfall. Having a proper flight plan as well as having a professional local guide will increase your chances of climbing higher.

Over the past years, more than 90 percent of those who have climbed the peak with us have succeeded


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