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Iran mountain guide , Founder of Persiatrek co.

Mehdi Farhadi

Iran Mountain guide , Tour organizer

I started climbing at the age of 22 in the university, and after graduation, I joined one of the important alpine clubs in Iran, completed training courses in climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing, and skiing, and gained a lot of experience by running the climbing and mountain climbing program in Iran and other countries of the world.

I worked as a mountain climbing instructor in Iran for about ten years and after that I started my activity as an Iran mountain guide and led dozens of groups of Iranian mountaineers and other mountaineers from all over the world to climb the peaks and prominent walls of Iran.

After 6 years of working as a mountain guide, I founded my own company : Persiatrek as an Iranian travel agency .
In addition to mountain guidance, I also design and plan exciting trips to different parts of Iran. Trips to snowy and high peaks to warm and sunny deserts and dense jungles and beautiful historical cities and villages of Iran.

Mehdi Farhadi mountain guide , climbing background

  • Ascending North face of Khan Tengri (7010m) in Kazakhstan(2011)
  • Climbing Trango Tower(6200m) 1200m bigwall in Pakistan(2012)
  • Climbing North face of Alam kouh In Winter (4851m),Iran – best Iranian Expedition in 2014
  • The first winter attempt to climb the Azadkoh north face (2013).
  • Ascending Mount. Kazbek(5047m) in Georgia(2017)
  • Ascending Mount. Ararat (5137m) in Turkey(2018)
  • Winter Ascent of Damavand(6 times ,4 routes)
  • Ascending major Iranian big wall(Pol-e Khab.Alamkouh, Lajvar , Sangesar sol& Bisotun)
  • Leading more than 40 group to climb Alamkouh and Damavand as a mountaineering and Skiing guide

Trango tower expedition , July 2012

Alamkuh north face expedition , Janury 2013

Mount Ararat , June 2018

Khan Tengri expedition , July 2011

Certificate of approval from the Mountaineering Federation for being selected as Iran’s top climb in 2013 for the first winter ascent of the north face of Alamkuoh peak from the Polish route.

certification of climbing mount Khan Tengri (7010m) , July 2011

Certification of climbing Trango tower (6239m) – June 2012

Golden ice axe statue from the mountaineering federation for being selected as Iran’s top climb in 2013 for the first winter ascent of the north face of Alamkuoh peak from the Polish route.

Leading dozens of climbing groups to climb the high peak of Iran

Damavand ski tourMount Damavand ski climbing , Austrian group , April 2016

mehdi farhadiClimbing mount Alamkuh with great Zigi (famous German climber) , September 2013

Mount Damavand , with french group , July 2019


Mount Touchal , German group , June 2017

Iran desert trekking , Italian group , November 2018

Tehran sightseeing , German group , June 2018

Leading Swiss climbers to mount Oshtorankuh , November 2019

Teaching skiing to Malaysian climbers , Touchal ski resort , January 2023

Mountaineering certificates

Since 2002, I have been a member of one of the largest alpine clubs in Iran and passed various mountaineering courses and received certificates in the field of ice climbing, mountaineering and caving from the Iranian Mountaineering Federation, also since 2010 I have worked as a mountaineering instructor.

Mountaineering coaching certificate , May 2010

Rock climbing coaching certificate , August 2005

Certificate of advanced ice climbing course , April 2009

Caving certificate , November 2008

Tourist guide card

certificates of appreciation

Certificates of appreciation by Iran mountaineering federation for climbing Trango tower , as first Iranian group

Certificate of participation in Bisotun international rock climbing festival

Certificates of appreciation by Tehran province mountaineering board for climbing Trango tower , as first Iranian group

Certificate of appreciation for climbing Mount Alamkuh from north face in winter by Iran alpine club

Certificates of appreciation by Iran alpine club for cooperation as the leader of the mountaineering team in the winter climbing festival of the Iran alpine club – February 2013

Certificates of appreciation by Damavand alpine club for climbing mount Khan Tengri as first Iranian couple – February 2011